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Mayor of Silver Mountain, Master of Noteblocks
Location Baltimore, MD (USA)
Time zone UTC -4 (Daylight Savings Time)
UTC -5 (Standard Time)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Trustee]
Accepted November 26th, 2016
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About Me

JTrain77 in front of his town, Silver Mountain.

Hallo! I'm writing this sometime around my one year anniversary of first joining the server. (I joined around August 2016). I run a small town, two companies, and I'm also deputy mayor of a couple towns. I'm pretty active as of when I'm writing this (August 26th, 2017), so you should be seeing me online rather often, though that may change soon, because of school. In some of my spare time I actually compose and arrange music, if you wanna listen to any of it, there's some links at the bottom of this page. I very much appreciate feedback for my music, so if you listen to it and have any comment, please contact me in-game about it, or leave a comment on the page where I posted the song if applicable. I also appreciate feedback on my MRT builds, so feel free to give me some feedback for that as well.

Stuff I've Made and Stuff I'm in charge of

Stuff I'm in Charge of

Stuff I've Built/Done

  • Built the (currently under construction) noteblock-based rollercoaster Journey Through Sound in MRT Land (Contact me if you wanna ride the unfinished coaster)
  • Built the exteriors of every building in Silver Mountain by hand, and built the interior of all the non-residential buildings
  • Built a random spaceship in the far west area of the space world
  • Automated 4 stations in the Bakersville IRT
  • Several Terra-forming jobs for other players
  • I had plans to one day build an indoor amusement park in Central City, though since Central City now has an amusment park (MrtLand), I'll probably find some other city to build it in if I'm ever going to do it.
  • Built some cool AFK Boxes
  • I once put on a live show where I played songs on noteblocks by punching them

Contact Me (this section has those music links I was talking about)

If I'm not online, the recommended way of contacting me is using the /mail command, however, if this is not an option, you have several other choices:

  • If your message is too long for the /mail command, Write your message in a book and place it in my mail box in the MRT mail center (bottom floor) or put it in my mailbox in Tranquil Forest (#3 Solano Avenue). For good measure, if you can, /mail me a short message saying you put a book in my mailbox.
  • If you can't send me a message using Minecraft, the way I recommend is contacting me through my musescore account at (Note you will need a musescore account to do this)
  • If you don't wanna make a musescore account, you can also contact me by sending me a PM via the about tab of my YouTube (see infobox at the top-right corner of this page). However, I will warn you I've had some issues with the YouTube PM system, as YouTube does always notify me when someone responds to my PM's, you may have to go the the PM's section of your account and check manually
  • If for some reason you can't do any of these things, you can contact me using this email: The reason I don't recommend this as much as some of the other options is that this is my alternate email which I don't check as often. I'm not giving you my main email as it has full name in the address.

Anyway, about that music I mentioned earlier, here's a link that contains links to all the original compositions I've created, be sure to give me feedback if you listen :)

You can also find most of my arrangments of other pieces spread across these links: