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Jasupa's Current Time
11:39 pm, October 30, 2020 CET
Mayor of Jungleville, Owner of the UNEJ
Jasupa in town hall 2.png
Location Somewhere in the Netherlands
Time zone CET in the winter/CEST in the summer (UTC+1 in the winter/UTC+2 in the summer)
Language(s) Dutch (The Netherlands), English (United Kingdom/America), a bit of French, a bit of German and a little bit of Japanese.
Gender Male
Birth date October 6, 2005
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Joined begin 2017
Accepted November 3, 2018
Citizen (probably) November 10, 2018
Trustee Middle January 2019
Councillor February 8, 2019
Mayor May 4, 2019
Senator Didn't got it yet
Governor Didn't got it yet
Premier Didn't got it yet
Trial Moderator Didn't got it yet
Moderator Didn't got it yet
Administrator Didn't got it yet
Supporter March 2, 2020
Social networks
Facebook I never use Facebook
Skype I don't use Skype, because I use Discord
Discord Jasupa#5523
Personal website I don't have a website


Hi, I'm Jasupa. I first joined the server around begin 2017 I think. I didn't went that much on the server, so I became accepted on November 3, 2018. I love the server, because I like transport and cities. I just go ride on tracks around the server to explore it. I like the fact that there's so much transit on the server. Anyway, once I became accepted I started to make a town called Jungleville. I started to expand it and made the town bigger. It eventually got Councillor on 8 February 2019 and Mayor on May 4, 2019.

Things I like

-Having fun talking to players in chat and sometimes type oof or xD
-Building transit and buildings to expand my town.
-Exploring the server by riding the MRT-lines or self-made tracks or other transit.

Things I dislike

-The words terraforming and unrealistic, because it's so much used in bad situations against me :(
-Getting denied on a GSM because of terraforming
-Getting denied on a promotion because of buildings and/or terraforming


Jungleville is my town. I started to build it once I got approved as a member of the Minecart Rapid Transit. It got Mayor and Councillor. Senator, Governor and Premier are for the future.
More information: Jungleville

Best Friend

Somewhere begin October 2018 a player called imperial_block joined the server who would become my best friend on the MRT-Server in the future. We talked a little bit which each other and eventually we established the UNEJ. He started to build a town called Midjungle. We proposed a road called the CUNEJE/B355 for the January GSM of 2019 to connect our towns with each other. It eventually got approved at the February GSM of 2019. Now there's a road between our two towns. He also helped me planning the B355N from Jungleville to Bawktown. He has become my best friend on this server.
More information B355: New World Highway System or B355
More information imperial_block: imperial_block
More information Midjungle: Midjungle