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Location Massachusetts, United States of America
Time zone US Eastern Time
UTC-4 During Daylight Savings
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date August 11, 1999
MRT Information
Current rank Trusted
Joined Probably between July 14-16, 2012
Accepted July 19, 2012
Mayor January 23, 2013
Social networks
Personal website (rarely updated)

Jmckeen is a [Trusted] member on the MRT Server. He is the mayor of  B28  Nanthaven and the deputy mayor of  B27  Farragrout Greens. He is the CEO of RedStone Shack Enterprises and works often on expanding the franchises owned by the company (especially RedStone Shack)and also works often on the buildings owned by RedStone Shack Enterprises.

Franchises you can ask him about:

Buildings you can ask him about: