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Location Sardinia, Italy
Time zone UTC +1
Language(s) English
Gender Yes
MRT Information
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Twitch kekkomatic

Hi. How are you doing?

I'm kekkomatic. I've been a member on the MRT since July 20, 2012. Since then I've been building a town called Arisa, on the east side of B24, in the old world. Now I walk around the server like a lone wolf in search of empty plots and unfurnished buildings. When I feel like it, I do interior design in Camino and Evella, in the new world.

As of May 2016 I'm the caretaker of the area occupied by what was once Mecklenburg. As it is not associated with a station therefore not eligible for auction, and I'm not planning to work on a new project (at least not on my own), I'd like to preserve it for sentimental value. However, I may in the future consider giving the area to interested builders, with the condition that the original buildings are not destroyed and no airport, stadium, mall or other unnecessarily large and empty properties are put inside. Of course, you're free to start a new city nearby, keeping in mind the safe distance specified by the MRT rules (no closer than 300 blocks).

I'm also co-host of The Snapshot with Robin, the monthly news update of all things MRT. I do occasional camera work and produce a segment called Spotlight, with a featured city or major construction in each episode. You can send suggestions or anything regarding the show to me or Robin.
A few people have asked what criteria a city must meet for the segment so I'll list a few of them here:
- It should be developed enough to cover at least 2 minutes of footage, with furnished buildings and possibly access to transport infrastructure.
- It should be functional. For instance, if the city has a metro system, it is expected to be in working order.

If you'd like to have small commercial or living spaces decorated feel free to ask whenever I'm online. In case you have a large building just contact me and we'll have a chat, I need to be sure you'll like the end result. A few examples: a clothing store called "The Grind" in Marblegate (F27), a gift shop called "Sunset People" in Vermilion (XW15), a number of apartments and shops in City of Evella (M10) and Daneburg (C79), a clothing store called "Garak's" in Achowalogen Takachsin (XE11/12), the interior decoration of TacoHut restaurants (one of them is in Espil (C80)). The best example of large building I made is the Roche Blanche department store in Marblegate (F27).

A word of advice, if you happen to find yourself in a rough patch and seem to be stuck: Do. Do with all you can, as much as you can. You won't realize until it's too late that your time is really limited, and unfortunately there is a right moment for everything constructive, be it a relationship, a book, or a career. You'll feel inside when to do it, but never, ever kill that feeling. The only thing that can arrive unexpected is death. Reflect on that, and you'll never waste a precious second of your life.


Look, a snake appeared on this page! And he eats videos! But not just any kind, he dislikes noisy or jumpy, scary stuff, and he also thinks anything that doesn't make you sleep at night smells awful, so he won't touch it. The beauty of it is that this snake is translucent, so you can see inside. Go on, click on him, he's harmless.

The snake works like this: new videos always appear on the right, with a symbol and a background; old ones get purged after a while, when the snake is full. All videos are hosted on Youtube and available worldwide at the time of posting. DMCA'd videos are removed/replaced once in a while. If you have suggestions, please do so through in-game chat or mail, thanks.

🌙 🐰 💤 🐮 🌽  |  💋 💃 蒸気 🐧

Here's a list of websites I recommend

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day is a website that features an astronomy-related picture each day, with descriptions full of links and easy to understand, maintained by NASA and the Michigan Technology University. Started in 1995 and still going strong!
  • AnandTech is a tech review website. Where most others limit themselves to describing how a product looks and feels, Anandtech tells you how it works too. Their reviews are painfully detailed and may not be always easy to read. But, if you plan on buying something, Anandtech is a good place to look for reviews.
  • Mild Escape hosts more than 100 flash-based point and click escape games. If you don't know what they are, the objective is to escape from the room you're in, and you play by clicking on items or areas to find clues and objects. The site is in Japanese but the games have an english version. The website has a few too many ads, so you might be more comfortable using an ad-blocker.
  • Everybody Edits is a multiplayer 2D platform game, where a canvas (a world) can be used to place blocks, sort of a "build your own level" thing. The beauty of it is that, if you know the code, you can modify the world. If you don't find me on the server, you'll probably find me there. I like hard worlds.
  • Youtube region restriction checker, while not a website per se, is immensely useful if you want to share a youtube video with someone and want to make sure it's available in their country.

These places on the web contain cool stuff:


I rarely take pictures on the server, most of them are accidental, but I'd like to show you some: