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Hello, I'm Kel5.
I own Verdepin & Merritt Lakes

Location BC
Time zone UTC -8
Language(s) English (the better kind) & angry ranting
MRT Information
Current rank Usually Councillor, but member :(
Notable projects A230Shield.png Quiris Interchange Project (redoing J12 & building J13)
Joined ~ August 2016
Accepted 1 Sept, 2017
Citizen who knows
Trustee 9 October, 2017 (I think)
Councillor not sure at all
Mayor I think Nov 2017 (yeah that happened)
Senator nop
Governor I can't make high-rises lol
Premier never probably
Social networks

Why I'm a roadgeek *Gets executed by the State*

Some People I know I guess

Minecrafter 11
Frosty Creeper10

Some really nice documents/websites I've found

BC's Landmark Kilometre Inventory
BC Highway Signs
This is the dominant document of the two above
For your safety I might add some more stuff later.