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Director of Spouting Randomness
2018-08-29 19.42.02.png
Location Michigan, USA
Time zone UTC-05:00(Eastern/Detroit)/UTC-04:00(Eastern Daylight/Detroit)
Language(s) English, Mandarin
Gender Male
Birth date March 30
MRT Information
Current rank Councillor
Notable projects Kevtropolis
Sunshine Coast
Joined How would I remember
Accepted 2-20-18
Citizen 8-15-18
Trustee 8-27-18
Councillor 9-9-18
Mayor Soon
Senator Look below
Governor Once I clear out a bunch of trees
Premier Once Kevtropolis starts to look nice.
Trial Moderator When pigs fly.
Moderator When pigs fly.
Administrator When pigs fly.
Supporter I don't have a credit card.
Social networks
YouTube YouTube channel ( or
Twitter nope
Facebook nope
Instagram My thing is private, so...
Skype I forgot
Steam nope
Discord KevakaTheGr8
Personal website I do have a website but it's filled with crappy kodu games from late 2017.
Nickname(s) Kev, Kevaka(never call me that)
Previous Name(s) KevakaTheGr8

Hello, I'm KevAKATheGr8 and I'm a Councillor on the server for my town Kevtropolis. I'm also a PBS fan and have a TV archive. I helped work on CaptainObi's and Conric005's towns of Carnoustie and Birchwood, along with their transit systems. Also I forgot to mention that I am obsessed with public transit, hence why I joined. Also why does "PBS39" and "WFWA" keep coming up on my phone's keyboard (that is not my PBS station)?


04 Broadway, Kevtropolis
01 N1 Street, Carnoustie
An apartment number I forgot in Sunshine Coast
New Beginnings

Fun Facts

  • Frumple has DMd me in-game, and also promotes me to Member and Citizen.
  • I got an ad aired on MBS.
  • I was gonna use Del (One of PBS' masotc which was my phone's wallpaper) as my icon for the wiki but I was too lazy to dig through my phone to find the picture and I didn't want to use a screenshot because there's icons all over it. PBS would probably sue me anyway.
  • I competed with a Mercury203 alt in a failed test run of The Amazing Glitch.