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Director of Public Broadcasting
Director of Ruffism
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Location Flag of United States of America.png Lansing, MI
Flag of China.png Hangzhou, China (seasonal, during some summers)
Time zone UTC-5/UTC-4 (US, Canada, and Puerto Rico Eastern Time)
Language(s) English 中文 日本語 Español
Gender ♂ Male
Birth date March 30, 2006 (same as AlphaDS, but different a few years)
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor+]
Notable projects Own Projects
Better than Epsilia HQ
Channel 6
Neen Library
Significant Contributions
The Epsilia
Sunshine Coast
FLR Corporation (specifically Shenghua & Nansei-Gunto branches)
Joined 3-14-17
Accepted 2-20-18
Citizen 8-15-18
Trustee 8-27-18
Councillor 9-9-18 (Kevtropolis)
2-20-19 (Osaka)
Mayor 10-29-18 (Kevtropolis)
9-9-2020 (Shenghua)
Senator hmm yes that is a good question
Governor when my grandchildren's great grandchildren have children
Premier when the sun explodes in a few billion years
Trial Moderator that rank is as fake as taiwan actually what's that i only know chinese taipei </s>
Administrator *dies of laughter*
Supporter 3-30-20 (Donated by KittyCat11231)
Social networks
Twitter @aqua0957 (mostly random retweets whenever i feel like it)
Facebook secret (i use it to read funny anti-transit posts by boomers in my city)
Instagram secret (only 3 people here know it: clues SAR, SEA and west of other guangdong)
Skype secret (i forgot anyway)
Discord Aqua#0957
Personal website
Nickname(s) Kev, Aqua, mi
Previous Name(s) KevakaTheGr8, KevAKATheGr8

Hi, I'm mi_aquamarine, and I exist exclusively to edit the wiki, along with other stuff I guess. ;) Also, I own Kevtropolis, Shenghua, and Osaka, with the former two being [Mayor] and the latter being [Councillor]. I've had an interest in public transit (mainly trains) for as long as I can remember.

Status Key

  •      - Active every day or nearly every day
  •      - Active a few days per week, mainly weekends
  •      - Active a few days per month
  •      - Limited/no Minecraft access but limited/full Discord access
  •      - Temporary or permanent server leave
  •      - ┭┮﹏┭┮

My status will usually stay on lime, and will only go on yellow or past on rare occasions. I will always have wiki access with the exception of red and black. I usually come on any time during the hours of 7am-12pm, 3pm-5pm, and sometimes 9pm-9:30pm Eastern.

Current status:     
Status reason: Average school stuff
Status lasting until: N/A
Next status: N/A


Here's some stuff on the MRT I'm proud of.



My proudest project! It's an Asian themed city that I founded in the Zeta expansion on the first day. I'm trying to get it to [Senator].


My first city on the server. I founded it on an August afternoon when I was bored and found the MRT on my server list, so I decided to go back. I worked on it from 2018-2019 and part of 2020. There's lots of things wrong with it, like terrible roads, terrible buildings, and one of the most cursed metro curves in the universe, overall an absolute mess, but it's my own mess, and I'll always love it.


My second town, with a Japanese theme that I founded when I wanted to make a Japanese-style commuter rail system (which unfortunately never came to fruition). It aimed to solve Kevtropolis' problems, with better city planning and build quality better than Kevtropolis but not as good as Shenghua. It's also eternally in a giant traffic jam when I decided to paste buses and taxis everywhere when I was bored with Schematica.



One of my first franchises on the server, and one of my most recognized. It's a convenience store known for its lime and blue color scheme and $20 priced bread (which was lowered in later stores). It especially grew with locations in several RaiLinQ locations.


One of my largest assets, Michigana is an airline that I founded sometime late 2018. It was originally in CES (look up the full name yourself, I forgot how to spell it :P), but later joined SkyNation. I originally had a hard time getting gates, but it especially expanded with Mojangitis in early 2019.


One of my newer franchises on the server, Buwubbles is a bubble tea franchise that I occasionally build for other players when I have nothing to do, but mainly I build them to fill up vacant shop spaces in Shenghua's many malls.


Epsilia articles

I'm a frequent writer for i____7d's newspaper, The Epsilia, usually writing for the satire, cultural, and travel sections, along with some occasional information about Shenghua's progress. I'm especially known for writing yellow journalism articles about Totem Beach's crimes against humanity, which lead to it being called "fake news media" by crimsonf0x, even though he frequently worships the Epsilia headquarters in Kazeshima. I usually write several articles per month, sometimes up to 12, as seen in the September 2020 issue.

Anti-Nean advocacy

I frequently spread propaganda speak out about the Nean Library's human rights abuses and crimes against humanity. Don't listen to what the Nean Library tells you, as it's all formulated from lies, and it was stolen from Teen Titans Go! anyways.


Pre-Guest Period: I first found Frumple's YouTube channel on the evening of June 14, 2015, a few days after I got MCPE. I searched "Minecraft metro" or something like that and found Frumple's video about MRT v1. I was able to watch the first part of the video but I had to go to sleep early because I had to wake up early the next morning to catch a bus to the airport (DTW parking is expensive I guess but that's ok because transit good cars bad =)) ). My mom and I went to China for about a month, and this was before I got a VPN, so I couldn't finish the video until I got back. Once I got home and recovered from jetlag, I went straight to Frumple's channel and watched part 2 of the video. I then watched his other videos about other MRT versions, and then I found a video he made about the MRT server. However, I wouldn't join for several years...
[Guest]: I first joined the server on March 14, 2017. I don't really remember much about this period, other than that I turned off chat because 10 year old me didn't like to see swearing, and I explored Sealane a lot. Also, this is when I got addicted to the wiki.
 [Member] : I got accepted on my 3rd (?) try on February 20, 2018. However, I didn't have computer access to the MRT for a while after that. A little over a month later, I logged on as a member on my birthday, when I got a new laptop. I filmed a very bad YouTube video on the MRT. Good luck finding it, because it's private now hehe. I was inactive for several months after that, until I came back in mid-August, when I decided to start a town. AlfiePops assisted me in finding a station to claim, and Kevtropolis was born on August 18, 2018. It was a very bad town, but I still like it. I also met CaptainObi when I helped him demolish an old metro station in his town of Carnoustie, and built a gas station (which still stands!). We also built a trolleybus line, but it was very bad, and it was replaced into its current iteration by autobus22.
[Citizen]: After a week of founding Kevtropolis, I got Citizen by Frumple and someone else, with the former promoting me to the rank. I don't really remember much from this period, other than Kevtropolis and Spruce Plains had a war over something.
[Trustee]: I got Trustee on August 27, 2020 from some people I don't remember. This was also around the time I met Conric005, who built an AstroSlurp in Kevtropolis, and Echohue (formerly Citybuilder_), who showed me Sunshine Coast when he first started it.
[Councillor]: I got Councillor on September 9, 2020 for Kevtropolis. I got super obsessed with warps, and made several warp powered things in Kevtropolis, such as a bus network, a travellator in a metro station, and converted the metro system to warp as well.
[Mayor]: Kevtropolis was finally promoted again about two months later, on October 29, 2018. Around this time, I thought of starting an airline now that I had warp access, and Michigana was born on a unknown date. I started a quest to get gates, and joined SkyNation as well. With this, I met Frosty_Creeper10 and camelfantasy. I eventually was able to set up my first flight between West Mesa International Airport and Itomori Municipal Airfield in December that year. Now that I had a flight set up, getting gates was a breeze as I started gaining access to destinations such as Sunshine Coast, Carnoustie, pretty much all of MojangChan's towns constructed in early 2019, and more. 2019 rolled around, and the Kaktus Republic (now Montego) was founded. I was initially a staff on the Discord server, but wasn't participating as a member until I met crimsonf0x (formerly Foxwolf11). who "griefed" Kevtropolis. You can learn more about that here. Shortly after, Kevtropolis joined the KR, along with Osaka, my second town and an attempt to make a Japanese-themed town. FlySakura was also created as a result of the boom of the helicopter industry in early 2019. From around mid-June to early October that year, I became less active due to less interest, and a trip to China where I didn't bring my computer. I came on a few hours before the trip to set up a helicopter flight in Gemstride, and I didn't come back until I decided to check out some new towns in October. This was around the time where I met i____7d, mayor of Foresne, ktkren777, mayor of Southoak, and AlphaDS, mayor of Lapis Bay (coincidentally all Chinese speakers). Me and many others were also excited for the Zeta expansion, which was announced on Black Friday in November that year. Flash forward to February 2020, where me and lots of other land-hungry people rushed on the newly-reopened server in a massive quest to claim land in the wasteland known as the Zeta Expansion. After a long time of slowly reaching to my first two choices, which were claimed before I could get there, I settled on a sandy island and started Shenghua, which is Mayor as of writing this. Shortly afterward, i____7d, Airplaneguy9, and I founded the Region of Nansei-Gunto together.
 [Member]  (again): In the summer of 2020, I went through a rough patch which resulted in my demotion and eventual 1 week temporary ban from the server, which were both completely justified. After sending my letter to the staff, I was repromoted to Mayor in early September 2020.
[Mayor]: I played for a few weeks after I got repromoted, but went inactive for the rest of 2020 due to study leave. When I returned in January, a lot changed in the community. Several of my friends in 2020 were either banned due to the doxxing incident or left due to the events of Modgate, while some were banned for unrelated reasons. Fortunately, I also got to meet some new people as well, such as cosmon_, who I only saw as a guest before I left, among others. Shortly afterwards, DintyB asked me if I would like to help with propaganda educational material distributed by his Liberal Democratic Party on Discord, and I agreed. Later on, I became a full member of the Federated States of the New World in February with Shenghua, which became one of the first cities to be served by FS Heli when it launched in March. I'm not sure exactly how, but frogggggg and I started Ruffism around this time, which some consider to be a cult but that's just the cyberbullies' opinion. Somehow it also spread to LKRandom's Discord Server, and onto WolvHaven as well where I decided to build a Ruffist temple there one day.

That's a lot of history, but of course it's nowhere near done and it will never will be, but now, I need to go back to expanding Shenghua, writing needlessly long wiki lores about Shenghua, and doing stuff related to NOT A CULT Ruffism. Cya!

Special Thanks



My native and main language. I typically use a mix of American and British spellings (help I cannot remember whether to use z or s in some words)


My parents came from China, so they taught me Chinese. I use simplified characters and speak Mandarin, but I also know 3 phrases in Hangzhou dialect (sleep, eat, how does it taste?). I can type it on a computer (it's super easy as long as you know the romanization and what the character looks like) but I cannot handwrite it except for some simple characters (口、中、国、天、一、二、三、五、十、正、etc.) and my name (not telling you).


Currently learning in school, I'm on Spanish 2 as of now. I'm most familiar with the Latin American variant, as that's what they teach here in the States, but they also teach a bit of the European variant (I'm like the only one in my class that uses vosotros lol, everyone else uses only uds.)


I know a bit from Duolingo. Being Chinese helps, too. :P Similar to Chinese, I can't handwrite it but can type it.


Here's some other stuff that I know. Please don't ask me to say these out loud or in chat =))

  • I know how to say (but not write) like 3 words in Korean (hello, yes, bus). I also know that ㅇ is a placeholder letter (it has no sound).
  • I know some random German words (strasse, bahnhof)


After 3 months, these properties shall go into caretaker status. In the unlikely event I am inactive for 1 year, banned, or go on a permanent server leave, the properties' respective caretakers are free to formally transfer ownership to themselves. If this happens, I would like all assets to be returned to me if I come back to the server.
Note: Players in italics denote indefinitely banned players. If they are unbanned, my possessions shall be handed down to them in normal order, if else the players shall be skipped.


I don't really think anyone would want this mess of a town, but here's the list anyways :P




No deputy mayor yet, goes to auction at next GSM


AquaCorp and its subsidiaries (Not including Michigana)


Other stuff that's not mentioned

Competitions I participated in

2019 Spring Olympics

Silver: Horse Racing


That I own

Deputy mayor of