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Mayor of Atlanta and Cyra
Location Atlanta, Georgia, The United States of America
Time zone EST
Language(s) English, Hebrew
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Senator
Accepted May 4th, 2013
Mayor May 27th, 2013
Social networks
Personal website

Hey! I'm Kiwirainbow or "Kiwi". I joined the server in April of 2013. I am mayor of Atlanta with bspells, and Cyra along with DasNexus. On the new world, I am mayor of Mason City. When I first joined the server, I owned Kiwi Inc, until it was purchased by StenoHoldings. Now, I am a core member of SET Systems and a founder of GeorgiaHoldings, which owns Air Peach. I currently have homes and businesses all over the server. I'm on the server most days during the evening (Eastern Time) if you need to reach me!

Writing, Directing, and Acting Credits

Show Role
The First Eagle Awards Writer
The Mole (Season 5) Contestant
The Second Eagle Awards Writer, Director
MRTvision Semi-Final #1 Writer, Director
MRTvision Semi-Final #2 Writer, Director
MRT Cities Awards Host
MRTvision Grand Final Writer

Summer Schedule

  • June 9th-July 4th: Red Status, Camp
  • July 5th-Rest of Summer: Green Status, Summer Break