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HarborRandom852's Current Time
8:39 am, June 14, 2021 UTC+08:00

Director of Hong Kong Memes and Endless Lore
2020-11-01 18.36.43.png
Location Hong Kong
Time zone China Standard Time (UTC+8)
Language(s) English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Basic Spanish and German
Gender Male
Birth date 8th Jan
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Notable projects Miu Wan (Republic of Miu Wan), MilkShack
Joined May 1st 2020
Accepted May 8th 2020
Citizen May 15th 2020
Trustee May 27th 2020
Councillor June 5th 2020
Mayor December 25th 2020
Senator May 24th 2021
Social networks
YouTube Private
Twitter N/A
Instagram Private
Nickname(s) LKR, Random, Harbor

Hi I'm HarborRandom852 and I joined the server in May of 2020. I'm a big transit nerd from Hong Kong.

Oh and I have a meme page and a community discord server.

Discord Logo.png This user prefers Discord for voice communications.


Status Meaning
Lime Very active
Green Considerably active
Yellow Semi-active, usually on every few days or only a while semi-daily/daily.
Orange Not as active, usually on for only a day or two a week
Red Temporary leave due to personal reasons or other reasons
Black Permanent leave due to a ban or other personal reasons

Current Status: Yellow


MilkShack Info

If you want a MilkShack in your town/city, you are free to contact me on Discord or ask me directly on the MRT Server.

Towns I Own/Contribute To

Miu Wan

My main and first town, it is roughly based off Hong Kong with some creative liberties. It is currently at [Senator] but I hope to get it to [Governor] one day.

Things Miu Wan is most famous for

  • The saddest monorail on the MRT. (Technically an APM)
  • The Double Headed Ruff Ruffman.
  • Cadnium and Shengmiao Incidents.
  • Oh god the Merc Shrine.
  • That diorama of Cy kicking someone and Frog being Frog.
  • Weed Cafe.
  • Bargain's store that totally doesn't sell weed.
  • DonDonDonki (thanks Starcubed)
  • Mojangitis Infection.
  • Glitched Chunk (sometimes it’s there but sometimes it’s not.)
  • Host of the first Horse Grand Prix on the server.


This was the second town I properly founded, it is a small town near Lapis Bay and is currently unranked. I hope to get it to [Councillor] one day. Though it’s mountainous terrain is a challenge.


I am the current and first Chief Secretary of Westbeach while also being the founder of the Liberty Party. I am fighting for Westbeach's Independence so it doesnt get handed over to the RONP.

New Singapore

Like Westbeach, I was democratically elected to be the Mayor of New Singapore. Current projects I have completed in the city include: Expanding a road to the mainland, the New Singapore Hospital and the expansion of the Tram.

St. Helena

I am the Deputy Mayor of this town with ModernArt being its mayor. Its a [Councillor] ranked colony of Norwest in the Nansei-Gunto Region and it has a gulag..I mean prison with a max security prison for Crimson and Sans.

Miu Tung

This is basically a satellite town for Miu Wan just across Yat Hoi Kong, it is a small town currently [Councillor] and I hope to get it to [Mayor] max.

Zhi Bo Chau

An island town, its based off Cheung Chau/Peng Chau. I hope to get it to [Councillor] as it is currently unranked.

Franchises I own

Transport Franchises

Friends & Acquaintances

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Receive the rank of  [Member] .
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Receive the rank of [Citizen].
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Receive the rank of [Trustee].
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Receive the rank of [Councillor].
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Receive the rank of [Mayor].
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Receive the rank of [Senator].


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Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
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Hub of Information
Create an account in the wiki.
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Socially Linked
Use the sub-reddit.
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No Mumbling Allowed
Connect to Discord.


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Know how to use Dynmap.


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Know basic WorldEdit.
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Play a prank on someone.
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Up and Up!
Know how to use Lift.
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Get kicked from the game by a [Mod] or [Admin].
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Experience the old world in its glory.
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Wealth of Experience
Be a member for over 6 months
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Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get smitten by an  Admin .


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Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.
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Business Man
Establish 10 locations with your franchise.
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Headquarter Time!
Establish one large HQ for your franchise.


Achievement get!
Ride Fred Rail
Ride your first Fred Rail train.


If I ever get banned from the server/leave the server permanently, please distribute the following (unless I say otherwise).

FAQ (not stolen by Chief, maybe)

How do you get to Miu Wan?

Go east of Snowtopic on the A92, along the way you shall see an interchange that connects to the B988 which leads into Miu Wan.

You can also take RaiLinQ from Wazamawazi or the Lanark-Laclede Express from well...Lanark or Laclede.

In terms of sea connections, there are a lot but you can head to Seoland and take a Seaplane or AquaLinQ. Other prominent locations that connect to the city via sea include Cape Cambridge and New Singapore.

Miu Wan has an Inter-City bus terminal with a few connections. It is the hub of DLink Buses which connects it to cities such as Titsensaki, Cattington and Hendon.

In terms of air connections, Miu Wan has an airport: Miu Wan Kau Heung Airport and Miu Wan Downtown Heliport which have destinations like Niwen and Oparia.

You can also take the Arctic Line to A34 or A35 and just fly east though that takes some time and you’re better off using Warp-based transportation methods.

Why should you support the Liberty Party in Westbeach

Westbeach Independence. Enough said.

Some Funny Quotes

  • "is that some lung disease"
  • "I will stab myself before I go aboard the uwu express"
  • "can you kill francesca"
  • ""To what extent where tensions between Westbeach and Titsensaki responsible for HarborRandom852 winning the Chief Secretary Election"
  • "AP do i have to be sober to ride a horse"
  • "I am now 101% convinced that both Osha and Alpha are speedrunning the MRT"
  • "no no what we need to do is catgirl rapid transit"