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Hello! I'm LabCylian and I currently own Hytown, which is located at Miu Wan, Sut Shan Province.

Who I am friends with

I am currently friends with a few of the people on the server.

  1. STthecat, who is the Deputy Mayor of Hytown.
  2. HarborRandom852, who is the Mayor of Miu Wan.
  3. AlphaDS, Hytown's Councillor.
  4. ondist, Hytown's Sheriff
  5. PhantomGamer521 (OK, you may not know who he is, but hes my irl brother and currently shares an apartment with me at Dogwood)

What I am notable for:

Hytown City

PPK, one of the best Netherite Kits that you can own for $5.

I can also build anything that you want for $20, contact me by doing /mail or email me at

Right, thats it, see you in game?



If (VERY UNLIKELY) I leave the server for 3 months + or I get banned,

These items will go to some people.

PPK will go to STthecat and HarborRandom952 under JOINT cooperation.

Hytown will go to the Deputy mayor, and the ranks will go as:

STthecat: Mayor

AlphaDS: Deputy Mayor

ondist: Councillor

The rest of the franchises in Hytown will go to HarborRandom852, he can choose to make Hytown a part of Miu Wan as well.