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LithiumMirnuriX's Unnamed Territory E5

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Why most BEMANI songs? Coming soon

# Title Artist(s) Remarks (e.g. Favorite Lyrics)
1 Mind paint (ココロの絵の具) NU-KO / Seiya Murai Theme of Ai's Shadow (あいの影) from KONAMI's arcade card game for girl "Otoka D'or (オトカドール)"
2 Stay with This Paw (このにくきゅうをとまれ) Same as #1 April fools Variation of "Otoka D'or ~kono yubi tomare~ (オトカドール 〜このゆびとまれ〜)". "Otoka D'or ~kono yubi tomare~ (オトカドール 〜このゆびとまれ〜)" is Theme of Ai (あい) from KONAMI's arcade card game for girl "Otoka D'or (オトカドール)"

肉球(にくきゅう) is mean Paw in Japanese. in write Japanese Wordplay, write 29.



Noonmir Holdings Inc. (Korean: 주식회사 눈미르 홀딩스, Japanese:株式会社かぶしきかいしゃヌンミル) is a multinational conglomerate corporation founded by LithiumMirnuriX. Its roots are based to (Circo Porto). (Coming soon)

Circo Porto

Main article: Circo Porto
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Suggection of Epsilon Expansion Region for New World

Suggestion for Epsilon expansion Districts.png

Trans-Volkov Bypass

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