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Location London, United Kingdom
Time zone UTC (+1 in BST)
Language(s) English and bad French
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Councillor
Joined Some time in September, 2013
Accepted Some time in September, 2013
Citizen Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Trustee Saturday, 1st March 2014
Councillor Some time after October 2014
Social networks

Yellow status because of busy IRL stuff. I come on occasionally, at times very infrequently.

I'm logiblocs, a Councillor on the server. I come from the UK. I like starting projects that never really go anywhere as well as making the occasional thing that does. When I come on I usually do a little bit of work on Saint Roux helping to polish it up a bit or messing around on transit-related things in the lab. I'm on yellow status but in reality its more long periods of red with short periods of green every now and again. I am in my GCSE year at school and I have a lot of other things to busy myself with. If you ever need to contact me, the best method is to send me an email to (my username) @ (google's famous email service).com.

My New World Projects