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did you honestly expected a proper page lmao

well too bad, there's none

go away

PS: also I own Dyson (MRT) Ltd., with an architectural guide for cities to have their stores here

PPS: I also own a conglomerate specialising in multitudes of industries, but with its largest focus on rolling stock construction and aviation products. With its last public appearance in 2018, I may revive it in the nearfuture, if I can sustain in maintaining Dyson in MRT.

PPPS: the rate of my city building stands at 0 buildings/year, and this can be attested by Godzilltrain. This may change if I manage to complete my real life work faster.

PPPPS: bored? read this!

some stuff:

Rank Date attained
[Guest] 2018-05-21 on 1814.27(UTC+0)
[Member] 2018-05-26
[Citizen] somewhere between 2020-06-08 and 2020-06-12
[Trustee] 2020-03-21 on 1113.07(UTC+0)
[Councillor] lol
[Mayor] lol
[Senator] lol
[Governor] lol
[Premier] 2077, probably
[Trial Mod] After I die, probably
[Mod] After I die, probably
[Admin] After I die, probably
[Owner] After I die, probably