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This is another one of my sub pages where I will put photos of my adventures, trips and holidays around the globe.


Start Date End Date Place and Reason
16/5/16 20/5/16 Student exchange in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden.


Saltsjöbaden 2016

A view of Saltsjöbaden Light Rail Station, part of the Saltsjöbanan east of stockholm. It is a terminus station with trains coming in every 20 minutes.
A C11 train at Solsidan Station. It is also a terminus of a second branch of the Saltsjöbanan.
A view over one of the lakes from the top of the observatory of the school we are staying with for the week.
After the welcoming barbeque 3 of the Swedish students, me and a friend were "attempting" to skim stones. We ended up wandering around the town and bought ice-cream.
Me, a few friends and some of the Swedish students played foursquare in front of the observatory.
Me and my exchange met up at Ringvägen Station to take the train out to Tippen to buy some Swedish chocolate. With distances this short there are rarely ever conductors so the journey was free.
Three trains pulled up at Igelboda Station, a transfer between the 25 and 26. The train I am in is a 25 to Saltsjôbaden, the train pulled up at platform 2a is a 26 terminating which is about to head back to Solsidan. The train just infront is a 25 heading towards Slussen, Stockholm.