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Zhong Guo ➝ Westbeach ➝ Titsensaki ➝ Nymphalia ➝ Secunda ➝ Itokani ➝ Anthro Island ➝ Alta Mesa ➝ Gadsden ➝ Arcadia ➝ Murrville ➝ Victoria ➝ Sansvikk ➝ Shahai ➝ Kazeshima ➝ Hamblin ➝ Peripotamia ➝ Moramoa ➝ Chalxior ➝ Whitecliff

Racers had to make their way to the starting line of The Amazing Race 10, the Souter Point Lighthouse in Secunda and elytra to the nearby Hummingbird Boat Lines docks.
Racers found their clue on the island of Vinataka at the Tadra Well which told them then to scale the interior of Mount Vakatiki for their next clue.
Racers made their way to the peak of Cerro Tornador in Nahuel Huapi National Park in Alta Mesa for their clue.
Racers flew in a vehicles helicopter from Gadsden to the Champion's Bowl in Arcadia.
Racers were instructed to make their way to The Equilibrist Plaza in Murrville from a license plate in Arcadia.
For the leg's final Roadblock, the selected racer had to ride the ferris wheel in Shahai and look for four signs along the ride.