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Achowalogen Takachsin & Covina ➝ Spleef Island ➝ Utopia ➝ Espil ➝ Spring Valley ➝ Central City ➝ MRT Land ➝ Murrville ➝ Daneburg

Airdate: August 5-6, 2019

The leg featured infamous challenge reduxes and references from seasons 2, 4, 7, 8, and 9. The starting line was chosen as it is a large air hub to contrast the first destination, which could not be reached by air travel. The original Pit Stop was at the Sandy Point Botanical Garden in Sunshine Coast, but was later moved to Daneburg to reference the Race's closest finish.

The leg was completed by mine_man_, hvt2011, Cookie46910, Conric005, Narnia17, and Valkorion314. Each finisher received $30.