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IMG 20150827 1728562 rewind.jpg
Owner of The Mishka Company and Kolpino City
Location Florida, USA
Time zone Eastern
Language(s) Russian, English, Some Spanish
Gender Straight Male
MRT Information
Current rank Governer
Accepted July 2015
Citizen July 2015
Trustee August 2015
Councillor August 2015
Social networks

I am MishkaMan and I am originally from Russia, but live in the US. The first time I joined this server was when it was still on the old world, so around 2013. I wasn't on for 2 years, until I applied for member and got accepted on the first try. When I got member I started to build houses and franchises in different cities. Then I started to build Kolpino City. I worked hard building Kolpino to make it look the way it looks right now. At citizen rank, Kolpino had well over 30 builds. All I had to do to rank up was wait. Kolpino rapidly grew since then.

I am the mayor of a city called Kolpino City. Kolpino City is located at M18. The story behind its name is that my aunt, uncle, and grandmother live in Kolpino - a city in Saint Petersburg, Russia. My city is growing rapidly and if you would like to have a franchise or a residence here, please do ask before you do so via Mail Center or the /mail command.

I own a franchise by the name of The Mishka Company. Currently, my company has 14+ franchises. I sell my franchises custom or world-edited. All my franchises start at $5.00 and go up. The Mishka Company Headquarters are in Kolpino City. If you are interested in having one of the franchises listed on the wiki site, then please tell me via Mail Center or the /mail command. The franchise page also includes a link to The Mishka Company Transactions. This page includes all transactions that have been made for franchises in The Mishka Company.