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Director of Waffles
Mjpwwf book.png
That's me as I appeared in an old edition of The Radish. Utopian Boots and all. Thanks to Yeshi for his photography mad skills.
Location Somewhere in Minnesota, ya bet'cha that.
Time zone UTC-6:00/-5:00 during Daylight Savings
Language(s) English, un poquito espanol
Gender Male
Birth date [REDACTED], but it's in the summer
MRT Information
Current rank Senator
Notable projects Danielston, Union of Central Western Territories, Esterhaus University, WAFFLE HOUSE(R), PueffNelson (Co-Founder, Pueff CEO)
Joined July 27, 2015
Accepted August 1, 2015 (approved by Frumple himself)
Citizen August 8, 2015 (endorsed by MinecraftYoshi26 and jphgolf4321)
Trustee October 31, 2015 (endorsed by Ardyle, TonyTajiri, Narnia17, vetted and promoted by _hnt)
Councillor Somewhere around November 19, 2015 (endorsed by jphgolf4321, CortesiRaccoon)
Mayor February 4, 2016 (endorsed by _frozen, lalaboy)
Senator December 25, 2016 (promoted by Frumple in batch 10)
Governor soon™
Social networks
Nickname(s) MJ, Mip, Pueff, Pueffie, Waffle, Wafflepapa, Waffleman, Wafflehead, Emjaypyoof, and a host of others.

hai der

On the MRT, I'm best known for my infamous greeting, my most popular franchise (Waffle House,) and my city, Danielston, which lies in the Central City suburbs.

I also founded the PueffNelson conglomerate with CaptLincoln (now a banned player.) Though I rarely build stuff for it, it does allow me to use my creativity and come up with other business options and ideas suitable for your town, such as Punny's Grilled Cheese, Coffee Stoppee, and Southwestern Oil. (Wiki pages for all of these, as well as other PueffNelson franchises, are coming soon.)

Social media

I'm a very private person, and so am not on social media unless I have to be for some unrelated project. That said, you can find me at the following places:

  • Steam: mjpwwf
  • Discord: mjpwwf#3162
  • Spotify: mjpwwf (check this out, I listen to a lot of stuff on here when I build, and often times it serves as inspiration.)

Outside of Minecraft, the multiplayer game I play the most is Euro Truck Simulator 2 in its multiplayer mode, TruckersMP (I'm mjpwwf on there, too.) Hit me up on Discord or someplace and let's convoy sometime!


What are a few of your favorite things?

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I'm feeling sad...and you thought I was going to sing.

  • Color: Blue
  • Food: I'll eat ANYTHING (except insects.) But my favorite cuisines would have to be anything Mexican or Italian (and yes, that includes pizza.)
  • Restaurant: Taco John's. I'm addicted to Potato Oles with nacho cheese.
  • Coffee order: Cinnamon mocha, with dark chocolate. And there has to be enough chocolate to flavor the drink thoroughly, so it doesn't feel like I'm just drinking warm milk at the bottom of the cup. Caribou excels at this.
  • Movie: The Princess Bride. Or any old, ridiculously dry comedy, like Blazing Saddles, or Young Frankenstein, or Airplane!.
  • Genre of music: Probably stuff in the jazz family. Jazz, smooth jazz, acid jazz, old rap, Motown, classic R+B, big-band. Classical music is good as well. As for pop, it just isn't unique and different anymore. (Watch this video and you'll see what I mean.)
  • Train propulsion: The old Ansaldo trains on the Naples Metro. I love the bass on these things.
  • Bus: Gillig Advantage. And preferably with an Allison or (even better) a ZF. Buses with Voiths sound like they're constantly crying out in pain. :P

Why the weird name? And how do you pronounce it?

Long story short, the first three letters are my initials, and the last three stand for Words with Friends, the first real MMOG I got into. I made the name thinking I was only going to use it with Words with Friends, but eventually decided to use it in other places due to my indifference.

To pronounce it, give the two W's a long "u" sound, as in "huge" or "puny:" emm-jay-pyo͞of.

Pancakes or waffles?

Scandal; but I actually prefer pancakes. The fluffiness and buttermilky taste just make it. My favorite toppings: extra-dark chocolate chips, banana slices, maybe some granola, and, of course, maple syrup.

If you're a pancake person, then what's with the waffles?

Before Minecraft, Roblox was my game of choice. Throughout my time there, I held high-ranking or chief executive positions in several groups, mainly cafes, but also an elevator model manufacturer and other building firms. Eventually, all of these groups either died, got hacked, or ended up with corrupt leadership; so I created my own, based off Waffle House, with a friend. We didn't become as successful as we had hoped, but I found some great people through my time with the group, including CaptLincoln. As I got older, Roblox corporate's embrace of consumerism and the immaturity of many of its players ultimately made it less appealing. As I got on the MRT and needed a franchise...well, you know the story from there.


  • In the event I do not join the server within thirty-one consecutive days, I shall be deemed temporarily incapacitated.
  • Should I be ruled incapacitated, control of Danielston shall be passed to CaptLincoln, my deputy mayor, and I shall be demoted to deputy mayor of Danielston. If the incapacitation ruling is temporary, I will resume full mayorship of Danielston upon my return, and CaptLincoln shall resume duties as deputy mayor. In the event I become permanently incapacitated, either through circumstance or dismissal from the server, CaptLincoln has full mayoral privileges, including the use of my office on the sixth floor of City Hall, and may fill the Deputy Mayor position with any user of his choice.
  • If I am temporarily incapacitated, I will retain ownership of the physical property I have built, including Waffle House locations, franchises under my half of PueffNelson, the Esterhaus University campus, and the WH Towers. If I am fully incapacitated, property built in a commercial zone will be distributed accordingly to replacement owners of the respective companies. Private residences of mine, namely in Kolpino and Astoria, should be resold by their respective mayors.
  • Roads and infrastructure in Danielston are owned by the Mayor of Danielston, and are therefore not included in the abovementioned clause. The Smith-Beloit Apartments, Transnational Building, and City Hall, however, are managed by Nightingale, a PueffNelson company - therefore, I retain ownership of these and other privately-owned buildings within the city unless I am rendered fully incapacitated.
  • If I am rendered incapacitated, CaptLincoln shall serve as Acting President of Esterhaus University. If the incapacitation ruling is temporary, I will resume the office of President upon my return. If it is permanent, CaptLincoln and camelfantasy will share the entirety of Esterhaus University's assets in hopes that it will continue to be an intellectual beacon for the UCWT.
  • If I am temporarily incapacitated, I will retain ownership of all companies and entities I own, including Waffle House and my half of PueffNelson.
  • Waffle House has been recognized as a company based on aesthetic harmony and location design. If I am fully incapacitated, the new owner of Waffle House is to be decided by the winner of a publicized Waffle House store-building competition. I nominate Yoshi and BangtanSky to be in charge of the competition. Contenders include the following, all of whom have influenced my designs and architectural style the most: mikefishr, HanSangYoon, CaptLincoln, AlikSong, and camelfantasy. The three judges of the competition shall be lalaboy, kekkomatic, and _frozen, who shall vote to eliminate two contenders of their choice in a preliminary round. The winner of the competition is to be decided by popular vote, which shall be managed by Yoshi and Sky. The winning store design should be similar in architectural and aesthetic style to any currently-existing Waffle House. The winner of the competition may choose a "vice chair" as their successor. The new owner must commit to the company philosophy of building every new store by hand, making no two stores alike.
  • If I am rendered fully incapacitated, assets of all franchises managed by my half of PueffNelson, including Punny's Grilled Cheese, Coffee Stoppee, Southwestern Oil, Goblin Market, salonblu, Dogstarr, Hardware Hero, Serverwide Karate, and Nightingale are to be merged into a single conglomerate portfolio owned by CaptLincoln, Nelson Holdings (or something similar, it's up to him.)
  • Narnia17 shall be the Acting CEO of Southwest Transit. In assuming such duties, he shall manage such projects as the southern half of B55 Mountain Corridor, the proposed A576, and 576rail. If a proposal for A576 is submitted and approved while I am on leave or incapacitated, it shall be given to Narnia17 to build.
  • If I am fully incapacitated, my financial assets are to be distributed as follows: 30% should be recirculated through the server economy, or allocated wherever it is needed most. 30% is donated to Esterhaus University. 10% is given to Narnia17, as compensation for the construction of A576. 10% goes into the Waffle House competition as an additional cash prize. The remaining 10% goes to CaptLincoln.
  • The Author of this Will reserves the right to edit its contents during the period of leave or at any point in the time allowable.
Officer Positions in the United Cities
Predecessor Position Successor
Skelezomperman Associate Justice A
June 9, 2017-July 26, 2017
cal76 Chief Justice
July 26, 2017-August 29, 2017