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Director of Fast Building
Location Philippines
MRT Information
Current rank [Premier]
Social networks
Steam Juteman
Nickname(s) Mojang, Chan, Moj
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Oi, this is MojangChan. I am the mayor of Deadbush which is in the Grand Mesa. I use Philippine Standard Time (PHT/UTC+8) which is also used in CHINA, TAIWAN, HONG KONG, MACAU, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, PARTS OF INDONESIA, and WESTERN AUSTRALIA. I also got a Steam account called MexicanJew which I use to play games like Terraria and Team Fortress 2. If I'm not online, you can contact me either through there or through my Discord which is MojangJute #5629. I also draw cartoons. yeah. aaaand I have social anxiety and a bit of depression. wink wink


Towns that I am MAYOR of:

Towns that I am DEPUTY MAYOR of:


MojangChan has homes in:

Notable Projects


If I go kachow, this is what will happen to my stuff: