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     Mossie 1810
Location England, United Kingdom
Time zone GMT (UTC)
Language(s) English, highly-flawed French
Gender Male
Birth date 18/10
MRT Information
Current rank [Mod]
Notable projects Secunda, Verdantium, A2, A267, A269 Verdantium City Brewery Co.
Joined 26/12/2016
Accepted 30/12/2016
Citizen 06/01/2017
Trustee 22/01/2017
Councillor 05/02/2017
Mayor 20/02/2017
Senator 17/06/2017
Trial Moderator 03/12/2018
Moderator 03/03/2019
Supporter 02/06/2017
Social networks
Nickname(s) Mossie, Moss, Mosseh

About me

'ello there! I'm Mossie, a [Mod] on the server. I first joined on Boxing Day 2016, after discovering an image of a city (Elecna Bay I believe!) whilst Googling for Minecraft city ideas and voila - I discovered this wonderful server! Naturally, I was eager to begin creating my city - thus, on the 30/12/2016, Verdantium was founded.



Verdantium was an ambitious project from the go-ahead - as it would later seem, too ambitious. I set out building the city without much regard to planning, and it showed - it may have looked nice, but the hastiness of which the city expanded led to constant demolition and redesigning. Eventually, this became so dire that the city could realistically not be developed further without a drastic reduction in size or an extreme amount of time & effort. due to this and the pressures caused by my AS exams, I decided enough was enough; passing ownership of the city to then deputy mayor CaptainChimpy.

As of January 2020, the Verdantium project is still shelved. The city is ranked [Senator].


After my AS exams finished, I decided to return to the server and start out fresh. On 25/05/2018, the city of Secunda was founded on a remote island in the North Eastern area of the New World. This time, a lot of thought and planning went into the designing of the city. The attention to detail was increased, as was realism, and the rate of expansion was greatly reduced so as to ensure a higher quality finish to all builds.

The city has two major districts; these being North Secunda and South Secunda. North Secunda is located on an island, and is styled as a traditional English seaside town. South Secunda is located on the mainland and connects to North Secunda via the King Edward Bridge. South Secunda is in great contrast to the North - it is built with the popular 1960s town planning idea of "streets in the sky" (complete separation of pedestrians and vehicles) in mind. Being a 1960s town, the brutalist and modernist styles of architecture are prevalent, and two urban motorways encircle the city centre.

As of January 2020, Secunda is ranked [Senator].


These are my current franchises. Both are in semi-limbo at the moment, and need much restructuring and hence I am unlikely to build any more for the mean time. Sorry!


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