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Hi, i'm nktrain and I've been on the server since around 2013-14. I don't play as much anymore, but I get on every once in a while. The best way to reach me is though discord.

Location Georgia, USA
Time zone UTC -5
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date 9th January
MRT Information
Current rank [Senator]
Joined sometime 2013/2014
Accepted 2014
Social networks
YouTube nktrain64
Discord nktrain#7306


Name Type Info
Nkcity town that giant floating diamond island
Washingcube town mediocre city at A15
NKTransit Transit company Second warptrain company after RaiLinQ
SteakJP! Franchise Compact Japanese steak resturaunt
Nktrain's Trains Franchise Store selling model trains
Funtime Arcade Franchise Modern Arcade focusing on music/rhythm games
Pokémon Center Franchise Game store under in-game Pokémon center designs