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Location Germany
Time zone UTC+1 (Central European Time)
Language(s) English, German and French
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Senator]
Joined May '16
Accepted July '16
Councillor January '19
Mayor June '19
Senator November '19
Social networks
Previous Name(s) Wutev

Hey, I'm ondist. I'm currently Senator on the MRT. I joined because I have a great interest for transportation & networks. If you need anything, I'm happy to help. I founded, and used to own, the country of Polytan, as well as the city of Palestropol, however I have decided that these vicinities live on better in the hands of gsuatv, while I work on my new project Villanueva.

Positions in Towns and Companies



Areas that I own

  • Areas mentioned above, with respective rights.
  • MRT Stations  V14  Foobar,  SW26  Foobar,  SW27  Foobar  JN8  Foobar, and  JN7  Foobar, that lie on the Valley, Southern, and Jungle lines respectively.

Services I offer

For $500 in-game money, I will design a high-quality map or diagram of the transportation network in your town. Please contact me on discord.