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Location Scotland, UK
Time zone BST (UTC + 1)
Language(s) English
Gender Female
Birth date September 7th
MRT Information
Current rank Trustee
Notable projects Oaktown
Joined 11 May 2018
Social networks
Nickname(s) Pam, Nicola

About Me

Hi, I'm Pamela. I've been on the MRT since May 2018, and currently reside in Oaktown which can be found to the North of F32 and F33 on the MRT Forest Line.



Currently, my only functioning town is Oaktown, which can be found surrounded by dark oak forests. With direct access to the beach, it functions as an escape and resort getaway. With an underground parking structure, the town is entirely accessible by footpath.

The lodges are open for business all year round, and guests can claim one and move in at any time, after asking permission from the current Mayor, PamelaJacosqui.


Pam & Pine's Pavings

Amber_Pine and I share a joint pavings venture, Pam & Pine's Pavings. We can be contracted to build roads both in towns and as major connecting pathways between cities. We are not responsible for planning permission.

Pamela's Health Inspections Ltd.

Established Autumn 2018, Pamela's Health Inspections offers kitchen appraisals.

Do You Dig It? Pamela's Digs

Established Autumn 2018, Pamela's Digs offers a bulldozing by hand service, rendering mountains flat and creating holes where required.

PamelaJacosqui Attorney At Law

For those who require mediation.