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Note: I have been having issues with my internet, although the first set of issues have passed, I will go onto yellow or even orange status should the issues return.

Hi, I am Purrcat2010. I am a fairly recent member that joined towards the end of August of 2016. I am currently on Green Status right now. I am the current owner of Cattington, Farport, and Miasto. I am also the founder of Cattington and Farport. I am the leader of the Epsilon Nature Preserve Committee and Malachite Group. Like most people on the MRT, I'm into city planning and transit.My goal on the MRT is to ally with all other towns on the MRT.

I may as well tell you about how I found the MRT. For several years before I even thought about joining the MRT, I watched Frumple's videos on a regular basis. I've also had Minecraft on my familly's home computer for a few years. I changed my username a couple times. before finally coming to Purrcat2010. I joined the MRT in 2016 and got my application accepted on my 2nd attempt. I've been a member for a little over a year, and have only been on Red Status once.

Quick Facts

Title: Director of Positivity

Current Rank: Mayor

Location: Currently unavailable

Languages: English, French

My Towns

-Cattington (My first town)

-Miasto (First town obtained via town auction)

-Farport (First town made in Epsilon)


If something were to happen that rendered me unable to play on the MRT anymore. Then this will is to be put into effect. This will is also to happen if I am off the server for more than 3 months.


-LithiuMirnuriX (Deputy Mayor)

-mine_man (If he accepts, he may merge Vegeta with Cattington)

-Rqvilo (because I know him in real life)

-The MRT Staff


-LithiuMirnuriX (Deputy Mayor)


-mikefshr (If he accepts, he may merge his nearby town with Miasto)

-The MRT Staff


Will currently unavailable.

In the event I return to the MRT Server, I would like all my property back.