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Hi, I am Toth_1 (formerly Purrcat2010), I am a young adult who likes video games, including Minecraft, The Simpsons , cats, city planning, public transit, among other things. I am the current owner of the towns Cattington, Miasto, Tarrey, Snowdin, Felisburg, Cloud 9, Drango, and Sigil. I am also the founder of the towns Cattington, Farport, New Cattington, Tarrey, Felisburg, Drango, and Sigil. I’m the current CEO of Malachite Group.

I may as well tell you about how I found the MRT. For several years before I even thought about joining the MRT, I watched Frumple's videos on a regular basis. I've also had Minecraft on my familly's home computer for a few years. I changed my username a couple times. before finally coming to Purrcat2010. I joined the MRT in 2016 and got my application accepted on my 2nd attempt. I've been a member for around seven years, have been on Red Status only a few times, and never been subjected to any disciplinary action from the MRT Staff any more than a verbal warning if that. I ran for United Cities President, but I lost the election. I also ran for President of the Republic of Epsilon, but I also lost this election. In the last major MPO that I ran for office in, I ran for President of the United States of the East, but I lost. However, I did tie for second with two other people. I have been on the MRT longer than some people think, joining in 2016, making me very knowledgable of server history during the time I have been on the server. One more thing, I am also a self-proclaimed perma-Mayor. I think I covered everything in my history (in a nutshell) on the MRT, if there is anything I missed, please make that known in the discussion page.

You might’ve remembered a player named Purrcat2010, but don’t see him anymore. Well, we’re the same person (read account change section for details).

A word of note before the userpage continues is that I am on the Autism Spectrum.

Quick Facts

Official MRT Portrait (Thoth).png

Current Activity Status: Yellow/Orange (Due to increasing maturity and not agreeing with every decision made by staff)

Title: Director of Positivity

Current Rank: Mayor

Location: Maine, United States

Gender: Male

Birth Date: March 7th, 2002

Languages: English, French, some Spanish, want to learn Japanese

Nicknames: Thoth and Purrcat (preferred), Toth and Purr (fine)

Previous Usernames: Purrcat2010, various others pre-MRT that I don't remember.

Social Media

Twitter: @Thoth1sTweeting (mostly just retweets I admit)

Facebook: Private

Discord: Thoth#2727 (text only, I do not like voice chat)

History of Myself on This Server


It all began when I was in middle school, perhaps even in my final years of my time in elementary school. Regardless, I would regularly search Youtube for Minecraft metro/subway videos. One day I found Frumple's channel. I remember being fascinated by his videos about the MRT, I even started watching Chief's The Snapshot in order. This would all change soon


When I first joined the MRT, it was near the end of Summer of 2016, and near where I would begin high school, and after I did some research about it before I joined. I remember most the welcoming atmosphere and also all I did was ride the MRT (which was all I really could do). Though I didn't ask the clichéd "Where is the airport?" question, I did apply early on as Guest. I would end up taking two of the then six attempts, with the first one failing because I got a rules question wrong. I then reapplied and hoped for the best.


I got Member on my second attempt as I said on August 26th, 2016. When I found out, I was at the MRT Marina and cheered in real life and flew up and back down excitedly in the game. Then I thought, "Now what?" I then decided to ride the MRT some more. In October of 2016, Sweetboy (no longer on the server) showed a place to make a town. Cattington was born. At around this time, I decided to ride the MRT Circle Line all the way around, but then I remembered my town and decided to stop and work on it. I also got to know a lot of people during this time, some of them eventually got banned or left the server.


I got Citizen by building a shop in a mall in Lochminehead and a house in New Beginnings. I also experienced my first admod teleport for the first time (as a PSA for Guests, asking for tps from staff against the rules). Nothing else eventful happened besides that I explored the server a lot and that Cattington grew.


During my travels as Citizen, I accrued three endorsements and learned that it is completely fine for staff to endorse players. I got Trustee while I was in Snowtopic. Cattington also grew some more during this time.


I got councillor early 2017. The first thing I did, as I saw it, was form the Kingdom of Cattington, initially as a means to organize my towns, but it evolved into my first role-play state. I would soon proposed a road called the B813 in cooperation with TheSubway, which would eventually stagnate. In my building up to Mayor, Cattington rapidly expanded, with many iconic builds being created. One of those builds was Jackson Pollock Transit Hub, taking advantage of the loosened rules surrounding them. I also started working on Catrail, which started out as minecart, then uCar glitch high-speed, then warp, before stagnating. This gives me the distinction of one of the few members to not have an active rail company. One more thing of note that happened while I was councillor was that I got Miasto via IAT (known at that time as town auctions), it was an inactive town I saw on my failed ride along the entire Circle Line.


I got Mayor in (maybe) mid-to-late 2017. Little did I know I would still have that rank now. I almost immediately started working on my first attempt at Senator. I acquired Wolf Peak through the same means as Miasto, and although I would do and fail three attempts at Senator, with at least one attempt per year or so, Cattington would also grow by a lot this time. I started connecting with many people more on the server and working on other projects, be they towns or otherwise, maybe as a coping mechanism to help my sub-conscious being bummed out over repeated failed attempts at Senator, but I really don't know. In May of 2022, I would apply for the last time with Cattington for Senator. I got rejected, but at least not every vote was against. I decided to stay on the server instead of leave.

Around the start of July of 2022, I started work on Drango, which is planned to be my vision of an ideal city and will attempt answer any and all of the problems my other towns have. Also, when Conductor came around this time, I was a part of the very first batch of applying for that rank, but I didn't end up getting it.

Account Change

In September of 2022, I switched accounts to Toth_1, named after the Ancient Egyptian god Thorh. He was the god of wisdom, magic, and sometimes the moon. While I would like to see people use Thoth/Toth as time goes on, I'm not forcing anyone to do so and if you want to or you knew me as Purrcat/Purr, then you can call me that. As for my old account, it is still useable, and I gave it to my brother, not that he's stingy about ownership or anything, for him to rename and change the skin (in case you're wondering, my brother's in-game name is TheGrimMeaper, and his skin is a rainbow Grim Reaper, so if you ever see him anywhere in the Minecraft-iverse, please say hi to him for me and please be nice to him). It's unlikely that he’ll ever join the server, as he doesn’t seem to care about it whenever I talk about the MRT with him.


I founded the community town of Sigil about a month or so after switching accounts. I admit that development at the moment is slower than I expected. Still, go to ZN59 if you're interested in building there.

My Towns

-Cattington (My first town)

-Miasto (First town obtained via town auction/IAT, use whatever name you are comfortable with)

-Snowdin (First town TMS-ed to me)

-Tarrey (In Zeta, part of the KoC overseas territory of the Lanayru Isles)

-Felisburg (Capital of Savannastan, United States of the East)

-Cloud 9 (Transfer from N04hr, has a sci-fi/steampunk style)

-Drango (Based on my vision of an ideal city and my new primary focus on the MRT)

-Sigil (Community Town)


Note: This is extremely outdated. I do have an up-to-date version, but it's private.

If something were to happen that rendered me unable to play on the MRT anymore. Then this will is to be put into effect. This will is also to happen if I am off the server for more than 3 months and I don't tell anybody of my plans to do so.


-LithiuMirnuriX (Deputy Mayor)

-mine_man (If he accepts, he may merge Vegeta with Cattington)


-The MRT Staff


-LithiuMirnuriX (Deputy Mayor)

-SoaPuffBall (If he accepts, he may merge his nearby town with Miasto)

-mikefshr (If he accepts, he may merge his nearby town with Miasto)

-The MRT Staff

For stuff not mentioned here, it goes to whatever the DM, Vice, or Assistant Leader/Owner/Mayor of the asset, then the staff if not possible. Interpret this clause how you want.

In the event I return to the MRT Server, I would like all my property back.

My Homes

-An apartment in Espil

-An apartment in Elecna Bay

-A house in New Beginnings

-A house in Miasto

Interesting Facts

I got this from Ben, but unlike his, you may ask about the facts unless I put don’t ask next to it.

-Cattington is a portmanteau of Cat and the railway station in London Paddington with some extra Ts added.

-I was considering renaming Miasto to New Miasto.

-I had a town called Farport at one time that I gave away.

-I’ve been on Wolvhaven, but I quit said server since I then didn’t know how to upload files to Discord (I do now, though).

-I have no funny quotes on the page.

More facts will be added soon.

Positions Currently Held

-Current Mayor of Cattington

-Current Mayor of Miasto

-Current Mayor of Snowdin

-Current Mayor of Tarrey

-Current Mayor of Felisburg

-Current Mayor of Cloud 9

-Current Mayor of Drango

-Current Mayor of Sigil

-Current Deputy Mayor of New Cattington

-Current Deputy Mayor of Greycove

-Current Deputy Mayor of Dover

-Current President and CEO of Malachite Group.

-Current King of the Kingdom of Cattington.

-Current Director of the Department of Random Helping in New Singapore (Self-proclaimed).

-I am also a baron in SilverBubble’s Ancient China themed town, whatever that is called.

Friend List

Apparently this is a thing some people do. Here is a list of people I work well with and like in no order in particular.


-Frumple (He is the owner, I felt like I had to put him in this list)




-TAR (again, I am just putting the nickname)

-Harbor (" ")

-Melecie (AKA Soa)


-Kraka (" ")



That’s all I can think of for now.


This list is non-exhaustive and does not contain all of my likes and dislikes.





-Apples (My favorite healthy food)

-Apple (the computer conpany)

-Doughnuts (My favorite unhealthy food and my favorite food in general)

-The Simpsons


-Astronomy (falls under science, but it is such a strong interest that it deserves it's own spot on this list)

-Human rights

-Classical music

-Country music

-Star Wars (who doesn’t like it, let me ask)


-Dungeons and Dragons



-Swearing, except when used for comedic effect, but that it at least marginally case-by-case.

-Judgmental people

-Harsh people, especially if they are excessive in their harshness (they know who they are).

-Verbal attacks

-Racism/hate speech

-When people joke about serious topics

-All words on this (non-exhaustive) list.


Credit to Hightech for the format of this.

Favorite Food: Unhealthy Food: Doughnuts, Healthy Food: Apples

Favorite Book: Elements by Theodore Gray

Favorite Author: Theodore Gray

Favorite Actor/Actress: Don't care.

Favorite Sport: Also don't care, but I do find curling enjoyable. Shame it is only on every four years during the Winter Olympics

Favorite Movie: The Angry Birds Movie, also literally anything Star Wars, Disney, and Sony Pictures Animation

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons, favorite cartoon is Amphibia, with Steven Universe in a close second

Favorite Video Game: Minecraft, favorite game in a series is Breath of the Wild from Zelda

Favorite Pokemon: Tie between Litten and Sprigatito. I really like the whole line for the latter

Favorite Mythical Figure: Thoth from Egyptian Mythology

Favorite Fictional Character: Yoda


Credit goes out to mi for this section. This explains how I came to know all the languages I know. Note that it may not always be consistent with the languages listed in Quick Facts


My birth language. I speak and write in the American dialect of this language as you may have seen me do.


My favorite foreign language. I took it for three years in high school. I got really good at it and was commended by both fellow students and teachers in said classes for it. I even am good enough at speaking it to do some code-switching (look it up) in real life. I have learned and used both Canadian and European dialects. I will always have a place in my heart for French, Vivé la français! *Waves French and Canadian flags


I don't have a lot to say about Spanish, but since I know some of it, it goes on this list. The way I know it is because in middle school, or at least the one I went to, there were two foreign languages that you had to take, French and Spanish. However, you took only one per grade (yes, my middle school only had two grades) and got to pick which one you took first. I picked French, so I had to take Spanish in 8th grade. I generally don't use it, even intentionally suppress my knowledge of it (evil grin), in favor of French save for to understand my brother, who chose to learn Spanish in high school instead of French like me.

Thoth's Wikipage Section of Questions/Answers

This section’s title parodies American question and answer books, which are generally aimed at children.

Where did your username come from?

The Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth.

What is life in Maine like?

Nice and calm, to say the least.

What are your pronouns?

He/Him, but I won't be mad at you if you misgender me on accident or out of ignorance.

Other Notable Projects and Sub-Pages

Notable Projects

The Malachite

The Find the Cat Game

Cattington Unity Party

The Cattington Times

Savannastan (United States of the East)



User: Toth_1/Lore Writing Service

User:Toth_1/Metro Map Maker Work