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Interdimensional Guardian
LocationAtlanta, GA, USA
Time zoneEST (UTC -5)
Language(s)English, Japanese
Birth dateAugust 12
MRT information
Current rank[Mayor]
JoinedApril 5, 2021
AcceptedApril 5, 2021
CitizenSeptember 2, 2021
TrusteeNovember 11, 2021
CouncillorDecember 19, 2021
MayorFebruary 19, 2022
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The story of SuperzoomKC

Long ago, in 2018, a player named SuperzoomKC joined the server. he was largely unknown and never really tried to collaborate with anyone on building projects - he just built whatever, wherever. This led to him violating several of the server rules when he first built an unauthorized rail line that defaced several towns and other buildings, including ATC Airport. Eventually he was banned indefinitely as a result of this large-scale griefing as well as other minor vandalizations within the town of Achowalogen Takachsin. He was never heard from again.

Why I didn't appeal immediately

Around 3 months passed before I renamed myself to RadiantRanger26, got a new skin, and set off to find another server. This is where I found HelloMiners. It's a lot like the MRT except it's completely in Survival mode, and the economy is a lot more structural, featuring an in-game currency called Forsals. I started out as a freelance construction worker, doing odd-end jobs for money and then buying better equipment. I helped a small group of players start a communist regime on the server, and it seemed to go fairly well, but it just wasn't the same. I would play on this server for another 2 and a half years before I ever considered appealing my MRT ban.

Making a return

In late March of 2021 I finally decided to send in an email to the Staff team to appeal my ban. I had little hope that anything would happen, so I was genuinely surprised when it came back approved. Anyway, I promised myself I would never make the same mistake again. So this time, when I rejoined the server, I wouldn't build anything just yet.

Meeting new people

So when I actually rejoined in April 2021, I was focused on one simple thing: the Citizen rank. So I literally typed in chat: "does anyone have an apartment I need a place to live" and I found myself in the wonderful town that is Kaloro City. I moved in, and soon I also built a gas station in Kaloro along what would eventually become the B844. And thanks to Missa_Solemnis and Sese, I was promoted. I then regained my confidence of old and set out to build my own town neighboring Kaloro, at A52 station.

The Kaloro Suburbs

At first I called my town the "Kaloro Suburbs", since it was right next to Kaloro City. I first built an entrance to the A52 station and then a local metro station next to it. (The remnants of this can still be found in the Underzone.) I then decided I wanted to build a road between Kaloro City and my town, and asked in chat for a 700-block-long road w/e. Obviously this violated the rules, and VickiTori_ (the mod on at the time) told me to email the staff to propose it at the next GSM. And so I did, and it got approved, and I ended up building most of the road myself.

The B844

The B844, my earliest major building project, started out as this short stretch between Kaloro City and my town. Not long after this stretch was completed, however, I decided to expand it east, to Norwest. ModernArt, the mayor, was glad to oblige, even though the roads in Norwest are left hand drive while the B844 was the opposite. This extension was proposed at the next GSM, and it was built over the following months. This road allowed me to connect with people on the server through chat while I was working. Read more about the B844 here.

The rise of Sky Atlantis (literally)

After the B844's extension to Norwest, I returned to my town at A52 station - but because I had left it for so long, I had no idea what to do next. And so I sort of started over. I built up into the sky directly over the B844 and created a "sky island". I built another one of these islands over where the entrance to the A52 station was, and connected them via cart rail. I then built steep roads going up from the B844 to connect with the sky platforms, and continued building more islands and platforms. However, all this effort was more or less in vain. I didn't want to build on the ground because there were so many trees and hills where the town was, and the resulting "sky city" didn't really look the part. So I renamed it to Sky Atlantis, got it listed as Unranked, and left it to sit for around 4 months.


Over the course of me building Sky Atlantis, I had gotten promoted to Trustee - however, there was no way in heck I was gonna try and make Sky Atlantis a Councillor-worthy town. So I set out to find another spot on the server, this time in a Plains biome. And so I came across F31 station, which has a controversial history (I didn't know this at the time.) Anyway the station had already been claimed by BryanDairyRd, so I just started building the town of Avondale exactly 500 blocks south of it. I built and built until I received the Councillor rank from Frumple and chiefbozx. After this I connected it to the town at F31, and the rest is history. Read more about Avondale here.

Apex Logistics




MRT Involvement

RadiantRanger26 (aka Radiant to most people) is the mayor of 2 towns - Sky Atlantis, an experiment of a city with an unusual build style, and Avondale, a quaint little town that will hopefully grow into a Premier city. He is also the founder and CEO of Apex Logistics, a cargo transport and shipping company. Other smaller enterprises include PrismaRail, a regional passenger warp rail system, and PrismaBus, a bus system that will stop at towns along the A4 intercity highway. PrismaRail, PrismaBus, and soon PrismaAir are all subsidiaries of PrismaLink transport services.

Radiant is also the main constructor of the B844 - a local road that connects towns along the northwestern end of the MRT Arctic Line. He is also currently helping Ada_Virus to extend the A84 intercity highway further north.

List of Assets (things that I own)

Road Projects




B488 (coming soon)


Sky Atlantis


Major Franchises

Apex Logistics


Other Franchises

AvonTransit Services

Swirlz Frozen Yogurt

Leather Outiftters

End City Gas / MRT Gas n' Go

Woolite Brand Services