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can’t think of anything at this moment
Time zoneUTC+08:00
Language(s)English, Simplified Chinese
Birth dateJune 3rd
MRT information
Current rank[Governor+]
Notable projectsSequoia, Multi Corporation, Azalea Group
JoinedDecember 5, 2018
AcceptedApril 5, 2021
CitizenApril 12, 2021
TrusteeApril 25, 2021
CouncillorMay 19, 2021
MayorDecember 8, 2021
SenatorJuly 1, 2022
GovernorDecember 30, 2023
SupporterOctober 6, 2021
Social networks

Hi, I'm STthecat! Some of you may know me from my YouTube account or probably my Fandom account, and that's the same guy. The only thing important here is that I own Sequoia as the rest of the information here is basically irrelevant. I can type English and also (only) Simplified Chinese, because if I read Traditional Chinese, I get dizzy (even though I’m half-Taiwanese). I am one of the three cats on the server, the other two being Purrcat2010 and KittyCat11231. I don't have much else to write for the introduction so please read the rest of the page at your own risk!

I a m n o t s t x n m u s i c


Color Meaning
Lime Active every day
Yellow Active for 3-5 days a week
Orange Active at least 1-2 days a week
Red Temporary leave/ban from server
Black Permanent leave/ban from server

Current STatus: Red
Date: 15th August - mid-October 2022
Reason of STatus: End-of-year examinations

For an archive and future list of STatuses, click here.

the history of me, i guess

im going to rework on this, its too long and cringe

Towns I own

Town Rank State Date Founded
Main projects
Dogwood [Councillor] Sequoia 6th April 2021
[Governor] 25th July 2021
Walczaka [Councillor] 8th May 2022
Belleview [Unranked] 29th November 2023
Side projects
Dundee [Unranked] Sequoia 13th January 2024
Ngau Ling [Unranked] Republic of Miu Wan 25th June 2021


In the unlikely event STthecat is to go inactive for more than 3 months or he is indefinitely banned, the following assets are to be transferred to the following users:


The Republic of Sequoia is to be disbanded and its towns are to be transferred to their respective Deputy Mayors. If the DM is inactive, the town will be given to the Councillor or to MRT staff members.

Multi Corporation and its related subsidiaries

Azalea Cruises and its related subsidiaries