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Location Singapore
Time zone UTC+08:00
Language(s) English, Simplified Chinese
Gender Male
Birth date June 3rd
MRT Information
Current rank [Citizen]
Notable projects Dogwood
Joined December 2018
Accepted April 5, 2021
Citizen April 12, 2021
Social networks
Discord STthecat

Hi, I'm STthecat! Some of you may know me from my YouTube account or probably my Fandom account, and that's the same guy. My town is pretty isolated (until I become [Trustee]), and is named Dogwood. I can type English and also (only) Simplified Chinese, because if I read Traditional Chinese, I get dizzy. I am one of the three cats on the server, the other two being Purrcat2010 and KittyCat11231. I don't have much else to write for the introduction so please read the rest of the page at your own risk!

Brief history

December 2018 to March 2021

After watching a lot of time2makemymove videos, mostly saying "Find The Red Plane", I briefly explored the MRT server in late 2018. I don't remember anything about it except I got trapped in an apartment in Birdhall once. Luckily, some friendly MRT users were kind enough to get me out of the area. I never joined the server again for another 3 years due to problems with my Mojang account. During this hiatus, I constructed a lot of buildings on Minecraft Bedrock Edition on my iPad Pro. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I even played on a private world with my cousin.

March 2021 to present

In March 2021, I finally decided to join as a member of the MRT server, so on March 28, 2021, I applied for membership. I was very stressed so I did it really quickly. Unfortunately, I did not give me bonus points as I was rejected on April 3rd. Determined, I sent another application on the next day.

On April 5, 2021, I was finally accepted after two tries. I spent hours trying to find a suitable location for a seaside city.

Initially, I chose XE33 due to its location from AlphaDS' Lapis Bay but I realised it was too near to Lazure. Next, I chose the desert located between Hanuei and Lapis Bay, but once again I had to scrap it.

One day later, I settled at a remote location relatively untouched other than the sponges. It is just about 600-800 blocks away from Rank Resort, and I claimed it immediately. This city would be named Dogwood and development began a couple of hours after I claimed it.

On April 7, 2021, I started my first ever franchise, Wuster's Burgers, currently owned by Wuster's Burgers Corporation. This franchise currently has 4 locations as of April 2021.

On April 12, 2021, I was finally ranked to [Citizen]. On that day, I met NexGen (also known as GeneralJaybird) and we discussed about the planned BRT to Broxbourne. This marks the start of our agreements.

A week later, I started the application process for [Trustee]. At the same time, I formed LBC, my first ever TV network in the MRT server.