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LocationSeoul, South Korea
Time zoneUTC +9 (KST)
Language(s)English, Korean
MRT information
Current rank[Governor]
Notable projectsNew Chandigarh
Joined6th April 2021
Accepted1st August 2021
Citizen14st June 2022
Trustee23rd June 2022
Councillor30th June 2022
Mayor8th July 2022
Senator9th October 2022
Governor14th March 2023
Social networks
Saltedline's Current Time
12:59 pm, March 22, 2023 UTC+09:00

Mayor of New Chandigarh.

Due to my university work, I wouldn't be avalible for all of the weekdays and some of the weekends. Real life takes priority over some block game, I guess. You can contact me via wiki talk page. You can also contact me in discord @saltedline, but using wiki is preferred.

If I were banned on the server or become inactive for more than a year, New Chandigarh will go to Spegit007. If she declines, any willing person above Senator rank could have it via IAT and develop it in their style. All of my franchises, including Savoye Bar, will be added to OpenShop and be avalible for every MRT Server members to build the franchise themselves.