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Alert.png I'm on yellow status now, though this could very easily change to red as school progresses. But once Battlefield 1 comes out I probably won't be on very much :P
In all seriousness, I've prioritized school over gaming now, which means I will be on significantly less. However I check the wiki every day so my talk page is always a reliable way to contact me.

Hi, I'm shadowboarder (obviously). I am of the [Mayor] rank on the MRT server. I am the Mayor of Spruce Plains (T20), the Vice President of the City-State of Shadowpoint, and the Deputy Mayor of Milenia. Like chiefbozx, hnt, mjwwpf, and QueenSmae, I live in Minnesota. Also, hockey is pretty cool. We are, after all, the state of hockey. If only the Wild could've beaten the Stars....

Some people might be wondering how many languages I speak. I happen to speak three languages. English is my primary language. Spanish is a language I learn because my high school requires it, but I'm actually not too terrible at it, just lazy to memorize vocab. But I'm not lazy to memorize phrases I can use to make fun of my friends (except for one of my friends because she tested into spanish three like wtf. For reference I went into la clase de español uno). My third language I know is Java. I'm not too advanced at it but I can read it and write basic programs with it.

Some other things you may want to know about me (or not): My favorite show on Netflix at the moment is Grey's Anatomy. Super frickin' good. My favorite show ever is Friends. I'm not a massive consumer of ice cream. Like other people in Minnesota, I run.

Some things I can do that actually benefit the server. Well, I took a computer art class, so I can use Photoshop (though I use GIMP). If you need me to make a road shield for you, hit me up on my talk page or in-game and I'd be happy to help. Alternatively, head to the New World Highway System wiki page and find the Google Drive link that contains templates for an MRT road shield. I made the GIMP one. Logo design I haven't done too much yet, but if someone wants to challenge me, feel free ;). I also love complicated interchanges, so if you need help planning or building one, feel free to ask me for help.