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I will be taking a 3-month hiatus from July to October from the server to focus on my O-levels, a major examination in Singapore. Hopefully within this period I am able to find myself and after my return I hope to be promoted back to Citizen. I was stubborn in listening to the advice of the Admods, most notably MinecraftYoshi26, the moderator who demoted me to Member. When I return, I hope that I have a changed heart through my contributions and creations in the server as well as through my caring, thoughtful and fun behaviour. Thanks for all the memories and experiences I had so far with the community here.

About Me

Hello! I am sheimoria, also known as moria. I live in Singapore but was born in the Philippines with full Filipino ancestry. I learnt Mandarin and French in school but my main languages are English and Tagalog.

My Work

I am the founder and current president of RedEat, a restaurant franchise specialising in bar and grill. I have claimed NW19 Station for development of my planned city of Serpentine that would aim to be a Premier city for members of the server to build in, explore and most importantly enjoy.

My Plans

I am in the progress of being promoted to a Trustee rank. Unfortunately I have just been demoted to the rank of Member. Hopefully I am promoted back to Citizen soon!

In the future, I would disband or sell away RedEat. In its place, I would start a conglomerate called Gecko Group. Gecko Group would be organised into Gecko Industries which would include Gecko Resources, Gecko Goods and Gecko Services, and LOGYC, an info-comm and R&D corporation.

My Progress

Member: 24 June 2017 - 30 June 2017

Citizen: 1 July 2017 - DEMOTED TO MEMBER

Trustee: Hopefully soon

Councillor: Hopefully in a month

Mayor: Hopefully in 3 months

Senator: Hopefully in 6 months

Governor: Hopefully in a year

Premier: Maybe?

not sure if i got the dates correct but who cares right?