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User:SirNatureWriter/Daily Title Archive

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I have decided to use the title tag of the user infobox as a way to either get random quotes out of my head or to give a bit of a MRT status update. Here, I will create an archive for these.

Day(s) Title
September 19, 2017 The Frostbitten Green Knight...
September 20, 2017 New random daily title! 59.2% guaranteed to be a good idea...
September 21, 2017 The Green Hand Dryer...
September 22-23, 2017 splash of color
September 24-25, 2017 Wait... What day is it?
September 26, 2017 Now with 2 Random breaks!
September 27-October 8, 2017 Well, my week(end) is about to get busy...
October 9, 2017-February 4, 2018 Back!
February 5, 2018 Another "daily" title...