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Alert.png Banned
This user has been banned. This wiki page exists for the will and historical purposes.
Location Hong Kong
Language(s) Cantonese, Mandarin, English, literally a few Spanish words
Gender Male
Birth date 25th November
MRT Information
Current rank [Governor]
Notable projects Freedon, Italiaso, Freedon Metro, SoSalon, FreeTV, Marsius, FreeAir, SoCompany, Hurdlestone Primary School, Sandstone Dragon Chalou, The Not A Tennis Net Challenge, Minigame Mania, Stoneedge, Chalxior, Four Seasons Railways
Joined May 2016
Accepted 10th June 2016
Citizen 17th June 2016 (thanks to BaronThamesBank and _frozen)
Trustee 2nd July 2016 (thanks for the people who endorsed me and mikefishr for promoting me)
Councillor 18th July 2016 (thanks to MinecraftYoshi26 and _frozen)
Mayor 7th August 2016 (thanks to lalaboy and jphgolf4321)
Senator 27th Febraury 2017
Governor 1st May 2017
Premier at around doomsday
Moderator when Tulsi likes me
Administrator when YouTube reports me for having too much subs
Supporter When I get money
Social networks
Nickname(s) soso, adan, sos (come on), sososososososososo, saosao, sos123 (...), bozo (how dare you Tulsi , bozo123 (ugh Tulsi)
Previous Name(s) AdanWongCL2, soso123

Hey! I'm SoSo123. I'm currently a [Governor] on the MRT. (I'm the youngest one xD) I'm 12 years old and is from Hong Kong, China. Unlike other people, I only build without inspiration and just random ideas that pop up in my mind and without pictures from the internet. I'm known for my unique block pallette and my weird personality that I don't even know how to describe. I founded SoCompany, Four Seasons Transport, FreeAir/FreeAir Heli, Freedon ([Governor] My most known town}}), Stoneedge ([Senator] In the lovely PMWS area), Chalxior (Currently the only city that changed the time it's supposed to be at and it's style, and it's [Senator]) and Marsius.

I'm also one of the people that use ":P" a lot of times, like there's 25% to include ":P" in it in e very message I type. I'm also the one who made the rank template idea, thanks to naughty canal for actually fixing it for me.

As most people might know, I'm here cause of Robang592. I always searched "Minecraft metro" on YouTube but I haven't searched it for a long time so I searched it. And I saw Robang's video! I was extremely addicted to it...then I sneaked to use my school's computer to look for Birdhall during a lesson. I am a bad student. At home I discovered my name was changed to AdanWongCL2...that day was 13th May, a black friday.

I am also the first and currently only triple [Senator].

My timezone is GMT+8 by the way. :D


And more, which I forgot, apparently :P

Homey Homes






Allium Bay

His limited lab space

Freedon, Town Hall Road



Freedon, Town Hall Road (a house yay)





New Acreadium

Merritt Lakes

Heampstead (yeah 2)


And some random apartments I forgot + a whole lot more


Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member .
Achievement get!
Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of Citizen.
Achievement get!
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of Trustee.
Achievement get!
Court Is In Session
Receive the rank of Councillor.
Achievement get!
Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of Mayor.
Achievement get!
Take A Seat
Receive the rank of Senator.
Achievement get!
Convene the Cabinet
Receive the rank of Governor.
Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Welcome Back
Connect to the new server
Achievement get!
Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
Achievement get!
No Mumbling Allowed
Connect to Discord.
Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Know basic WorldEdit.
Achievement get!
Know how to use Dynmap.
Achievement get!
Golden Ticket
Win the lottery.
Achievement get!
Know how to use EElevator.
Achievement get!
Wealth of Experience
Be a member for over 6 months.
Achievement get!
Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.
Achievement get!
Buisness Man
Establish 10 locations with your franchise.
Achievement get!
Own a successful franchise with over 25 locations.
Achievement get!
Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get smitten by an  Admin .
Achievement get!
True Comedian
Have at least 10 quotes on the Funny Quotes page.
Achievement get!
Long Time Service
Be a member for over a year.
Achievement get!
What Did I Do
Get shocked by Frumple.
Achievement get!
Get revenge on someone who played a prank on you.
Achievement get!
Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get smitten by an  Admin .
Achievement get!
Play a prank on someone.

Game Achievements

Achievement get!
Have a challenge set in your town.
Achievement get!
I'm Hosting This
Host a challenge.
Achievement get!
5th Time
Host 5 challenges.

Homemade Achivements

Achievement get!
Be one of the youngest members on the server
Achievement get!
Have a metro in your town
Achievement get!
Skipping Ranks Is The Wish
Meet all the requirements for the next next rank except the wait
Achievement get!
Tang Ren
Be Chinese.
Achievement get!
Always sing in the server for no reason.
Achievement get!
Glass In Front
Wear glasses irl.
Achievement get!
Count Me In
Say Councillor as Countcillor


Achievement get!
Record 1
Being the youngest [Governor].
Achievement get!
Record 2
Not doing anything to the town and get promoted to city ranks.
Achievement get!
Record 3
Get promoted in a city rank candidate batch two times in 1 row while 3 cities of yours have been promoted
Achievement get!
Record 4
First and only person to be promoted 3 times in 1 row.
Achievement get!
Record 5
Second person to be promoted twice in 1 batch
Achievement get!
Record 6
Second person to be promoted two times in 1 row
Achievement get!
Record 7
Have 3 towns with the rank of [Senator] or above.



Freedon shall go to camelfantasy, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: Frosty_Creeper10, AngelKevin, time2makemymove, Steve_Bobs, DevranTheBoyxD, MRT Staff


Stoneedge shall go to HeavenAngel, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: Kel5, camelfantasy, FrostyCreeper10, pyth0n, dragonbloon419, MRT Staff


Chalxior shall go to camelfantasy, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: DevranTheVacuum, Frosty_Creeper10, bensissmith, ryan, MRT Staff Eep and Marsius shall go to ryanfr, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: time2makemymove, ConnConn2005, Ardy, CaptainChimpy, AP_Red, MRT Staff


SoCompany shall go to Frosty_Creeper10, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: DevranTheVacuum, camelfantasy, CaptainChimpy, autobus22, frogggggg, MRT Staff

Four Seasons Railways

FSR shall go to Kel5, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: woorich999, Frosty_Creeper10, autobus22, ConnConn2005, DevranTheVacuum


FreeAir shall go to Kel5, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: camelfantasy, Frosty_Creeper10, time2makemymove, woorich999, autobus22

Four Seasons Buses

Following the same process as FSR.


Liston shall go to Yellowitcher, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: Ardy, Jian_Zen, autobus22, Frosty_Creeper10, MRT Staff


Graltes shall go to FredTheTimeLord. (He won't deny anyway)

Eep and Marsius

Eep and Marsius shall go to ConnConn2005, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: AP_Red, frogggggg, MojangChan, MRT Staff


Kansai shall go to camelfantasy, if he denies, then it will ongo the following process: Frosty_Creeper10, autobus22, MikeRoma, frogggggg, MRT Staff


Aviation shall go to it's original owner Seastep. If he denies, then it will ongo the following process: Frosty_Creeper10, frogggggg, Needn_NL, autobus22, MRT Staff

Note: These lists will operate only when I'm offline for 3 months. If I ever come back, I would like to claim back ALL my property.


My status list.

Status Notes

 Green Status 

If I am on green status, that means I will be on for hours almost everyday. This status applies on exams... (I'm a bad student) And of course, holidays and half-days.

 Lime Status 

If I am on lime status, I will be on for hours for almost everyday still, but has less time online than green status (a bit...). This status also applies on the same time as the green status probable times and weekends.

 Yellow Status 

If I am on yellow status, I will be on less time than green and lime a bit. That means I will come on a bit random. I will probably apply on this status during normal school year.

 Goldenrod Status 

If I am on goldenrod yellow status, I will be on randomly but not only a bit of time. This status will apply on the school year too.

 Orange Status 

If I am on orange status, I will be on for a few times a week. This status has a chance to apply on the school years.

 Vermilion Status 

NOT the town. If I am on vermilion status, I will be on for two days or something every two weeks. This status will rarely happen.

 Red Status 

Only occurs on some trips that computers and phones are not allowed...

Status Timetable

Status Event Date Additional info
 Lime Status - Goldenrod Yellow Status  Normal 6th grade days (including weekends) 7th September to 13th September Err...all I want to say is: :(
 Lime Status - Green Status  Mid-Autumn Festival and weekends 14th September to 18th September Yay :D
 Lime Status - Goldenrod Yellow Status  Normal 6th grade days (including weekends) 19th September to 29th September :(
 Lime Status - Green Status  China Day or somewhat name :/ 30th September to 2nd October :D
 Goldenrod Yellow Status - Lime Status  Normal 6th grade days 3rd October to 6th October :(
 Lime Status - Green Status  Chung Yeung Festival 7th October to 10th October :)
 Vermilion Status - Green Status  Normal 6th grade days + Term 1 Exams 11th October to 8th November :'(
 Goldenrod Yellow Status - Green Status  Normal 6th grade days + Weekends 9th November to 12th December Some random events (like the School Carnival), holidays and normal school. :/
 Red Status  Trip to Taiwan operated by my school 13th December to 15th December e.e
 Lime Status - Green Status  CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY!!! And back from Taiwan day. 16th December to 2nd January :D
 Goldenrod Yellow Status - Lime Status  Normal 6th grade school days... (including weekends) 3rd January to 19th January :/
 Lime Status - Green Status  Chinese New Year holidays!!! 20th January to 5th Februaury :D
 Goldenrod Yellow Status - Lime Status  Normal school days... (including weekends and random events such as Sports Day) 6th February to 3rd March :/
 Vermilion Status - Green Status  Term 2 exams 4th March to 9th March NUUUUU


If you have something to ask me, or to play with me, or giving me some notices, or fill my messages with 100000 tons of nuts, here are the methods.

  • Email:
  • Facebook: Ka Wai So
  • Youtube: SoSo123
  • Twitter: SoSo123 (umm?)
  • In-game mail
  • MRT Mail Centre, after you enter the mail centre go to the right and go up the stairs. You should find my mailbox.
  • Wiki talk page

My Life Story

I was a baby.

I was a child.

I am a pre-teen?

I will be a teen.

I will be in uni.

I will be an adult.

I will have a family.

I will be old.

My life story is just this. Nothing else.

Random Stuff

  • Oh damn, peanut better jelly beans!
  • I don't know what I'm talking
  • Now stop reading
  • I love Melanie Martinez :D
  • Stop forcing me to eat Sia's leftover burgers
  • What's the point of this
  • IDK
  • Welcome to Facebook, land of the unknown
  • Antartica has 7,271,177,132 people living on it
  • I suck
  • What is this
  • Oh no, the chickens are invading the MRT
  • Birdhall is red, Stoneedge is blue, their mayor's named Ted, your dad is too
  • Now stop reading
  • Seriously stop reading
  • K I quit :(


Click here for my music page! I will try to update it daily!

Click here for my misheard lyric page.

Click here for a challenge.

Other Stuff

Check what could you buy from me.



Fun Facts

  • I love music. Especially modern pop. Melanie Martinez is my fav singer.
  • I knew this server because of Birdhall.
  • I first joined the server on a Black Friday
  • _frozen was active when I am a Citizen.
  • SoSo makes weird Snow White parodies (Seastep disapproves, may have put the book into the Mass Distribution thing at the Mail Office).

Owned Towns

  • Freedon (Founded June 10 2016)
  • Marsius (Founded 7 August 2016)
  • Eep (Founded 17 August 2016, gained ownership in August 2017)
  • Stoneedge (Founded 27th December 2016)
  • Chalxior (Founded 18th April 2017)
  • Aviation (Founded 18th April 2017, gained ownership 12th November 2017)
  • Graltes
  • Liston (Founded 14th January 2018)