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     Steve Bobs
Location Hong Kong
Time zone HKT(GMT +8)
Language(s) English, Cantonese
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Councillor]
Joined 7 Mar 2015
Accepted 23 Mar 2015
Citizen 5 Apr 2015
Trustee 19 Apr 2017
Councillor 13 May 2017
Social networks
Discord @Steve_Bobs#8131

Hey guys, I am Steve Bobs and I am quite new (as you see) (not quite now XD) at the server. I like playing different games, such as fps games, metro-building games, some random games and of course, Minecraft.

Some facts


Shortly getting a copy of Mimecraft (less than a month), I handed in my first member application on 4 Mar 2015 although I haven't visit the server before. The reason for that is because my friend DuncanDoesMC want to help him to build his city (:P). On the same day that I received my reject application three days after from Tom Pairs, I visited the server as a guest. After two weeks wandering on the server, I handed my second application form and received the joyful news from Frumple twelve hours later.


Four months after joining the server, I took a break from MRT and played on other servers instead. I never got on for three months and my previous town got auctioned. After knowing the news, I came on again and I am quite active since the time.

Getting trustee

this is a thing that happened at the first four months of 2017, meaning that I did not (successfully) ask for endorsement forms (I only asked once) till then
The first form is from Soso123, the second is HeavenAngel and the third is from Godzilltrain (thanks for all of you :D). I have asked "another person" to endorse me after soso, but apparently "the person" forgot to write one but claimed he actually did write one. So when HeavenAngel wrote one for me, I was surprised that why I did not get trustee. I also bet that "the person" did not write for me due to past experiences (XD). Other than that, Godz surprised me as he decided to write me one even I did not ask him to do so. (really appreciate that, thank you :3)


If you know my town work, you should know that I have reached the requirements for councillor well before getting trustee. However, I cannot get this rank immediately after 2 weeks of getting trustee due to a few reasons. First: most admods were not on when I was on the server. Second: MinecraftYoshi26 forgot to give me a confirm book when he assessed my town (hope you will not forget it next time :P). So I need to wait for another 2 mods to do the check.

Town work

I WAS the mayor of my former city at  XW6  and it is named Avallon. Very unfortunately, during my leave, the town was auctioned for camelfantasy. But it does not matter as there is no space to develope. So why not build a new one with more space?

So I created a new town at  I16 - C55  Foobar and also took  I15 - C56  Foobar. The town is now named Inverness and I hope that I will work on it continuously.

Contact me!

If I am not on the server and you need to find me, please use the /mail command to leave me a note as it is easy to manage for you and me. You can also leave a message on the talk page. You can also talk to me with Discord!



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