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Tadeusz09's Current Time
11:12 pm, March 27, 2023 CEST
None rn
LocationPoznań, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Time zoneCET
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Current rank[Citizen]
Citizen2023/02/19(AP_Red and Needn_NL)
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This is Kirbyville on February 19, 2023.
This is located within the town of Hudson. This is built by Tad on February 23, 2023, for the 38th birthday of Minecraft252.

Hi it's me Tadeusz (yes that's my name) but you can call me Tad.

I'm the founder, owner, and mayor of the towns of Kirbyville,Rockville,Mayumi Islands and Midway. I'm also the deputy mayor of Eastbourne.

I'm from Poland and speak Polish, English and a bit of German. My birthday is October 14 so if you want do birthday wishes do them then. I don't know how to do these squares so this is my page for now.

27 II 2023 I have boat now: Mayumi Islands Boat Company

P.S. Btw when USA is at school I'm active so send me an email.

My assets


Mayor of

Town Rank DM Founded
Kirbyville [Unranked] chimata 2/16/2023
Rockville [Unranked] ProCallMeJr 2/21/2023
Mayumi Islands [Unranked] DoubR 2/24/2023
Midway [Unranked] DDani 2/27/2023(move of city 2/28/2023-)

DM of

Town Rank Mayor DM since
Eastbourne [Unranked] Nerdboy193829 2/25/2023