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Hi! I'm TalonPlays, but you can call me Talon (Tahl-un, not Tay-luhn). I'm also known on other sites as SkyjumperTalon, talonplaysmc, or TalonGamer52. I am known mainly as Mayor of Eagleshore, that nerd who plays golf, and the Ravens fan

Location Near Washington, D.C.
Time zone EST (UTC - 5) / EDT (UTC - 4)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Mayor]
Notable projects Eagleshore, YouFuel, SkyRaven, MRT Golf Association, Last place in The Amazing Race 8
Joined Sometime 2015
Accepted Not sure
Citizen Sometime 2016/17
Trustee Not sure
Councillor about 11 months after starting my town
Mayor About 2 weeks after councillor
Senator Likely March
Supporter When the Caps make it past Round 2
Social networks
Discord Talon#1599

Gameshow Records

I have played in a few gameshows across the MRT.

Gameshow Name Result Number of Players / Teams
The Amazing Race 8 8th 8
Big Brother Mini 10 4th 11


In the event that I leave the server, my possesions go in the following order. If all players listed decline, ownership goes directly to auction at the following GSM.

-Players who have played in a tournament will have an auction beforehand.


Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member .
Achievement get!
Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of Citizen.
Achievement get!
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of Trustee.
Achievement get!
Court is in Session
Receive the rank of Councillor.
Achievement get!
Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of Mayor.
Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Test Subject
Connect to the beta Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Connect to Mumble.
Achievement get!
Welcome Back
Connect to the new server
Achievement get!
Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
Achievement get!
Moar testing needed.
Connect to the 1.12 beta server.
Achievement get!
Meet Frumple as a Guest.
Achievement get!
Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get smitten by an  Admin .
Achievement get!
Know basic WorldEdit.
Achievement get!
Know how to use Dynmap.
Achievement get!
Golden Ticket
Win the lottery.
Achievement get!
Know how to use EElevator.
Achievement get!
Up and Up!
Know how to use Lift
Achievement get!
Wealth of Experience
Be a member for over 6 months
Achievement get!
Long Time Service
Be a member for over a year
Achievement get!
Old and Gray
Be a member for over 2 years
Achievement get!
Grand Opening
Create a franchise and establish one location.
Achievement get!
Buisness Man
Establish 10 locations with your franchise.
Achievement get!
Headquarter Time!
Establish one large HQ for your franchise.