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Location Cheshire, United Kingdom
Time zone GMT
Language(s) English, French, Mandarin
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank Councillor
Joined A long time ago....
Accepted 1st March 2014 (I think)
Mayor Around the 1st April 2014 (Took me a while, didn't it :/ )
Social networks
Twitter @Tarheelscouse
Personal website Instagram @tarheelscouse

About me

Hi, I'm Tarheelscouse, though people generally call me Tar, or something similar. I'm from the UK, though my "claim to fame" is that I'm also an American citizen! My Old World region of towns, Akane, commenced construction as soon as I was accepted as a member; when the New World rolled around, I developed an SMP with Bestmate66 and Logiblocs called Saint Roux, but I've since retired from that project into a background role, preferring to tinker with sidewalks in my just-started second city, Mecklenburg.

I joined the server in around March 2014- back in the days when Lalaboy was still a trusted and Hntredtie hadn't been conceived yet :3 . I flew around fairly derpily as a guest, and most likely annoyed many older members, but I soon settled down to start building Hamanei, my first Old World town. I began from then on to spread out my impact onto the server, founding BenkGo!, a quite successful Old World sushi chain, and RailAkane, a regional rail provider. Thus continued my adventures on the server until the time of October 2014, and the arrival of the Gamma server. Myself, Bestmate66 and Logiblocs had been planning Saint Roux for some time, and began rapid expansion at our respective stations, but I eventually moved on to other projects, including Akane - Ishuzu International Airport back on the Old World, and the (virtually non-existent) town of Mecklenburg, just north of  T15 .

I consider myself lucky enough to have been gifted Deputy Mayor status for a number of towns, including Souslow, Arcadia, Armada, Mason City and now Saint Roux.

Aside from this, I confess myself to be a bit of a weirdo. As with most MRT players, I love all things transit-related; trains, buses, planes; even transit maps! I hope very much to see you on-server some time soon; please do feel free to strike up a conversation with me- I'm always in the mood for a chat, whatever the topic may be.

I wish you all a very enjoyable time both with me and on the MRT generally :)