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Director of building by hand!
Also hates building highways through forests
LocationAyr, Scotland (The West Coast Of)
Time zoneGMT-Winter <br.> GMT+1-Summer (BST)
Birth date26th May
MRT information
Current rankMayor+
Notable projectsMerchant City
A3 Highway
JoinedAlong long time ago
Citizen" "
Trustee" "
Councillor" "
Mayor" "
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Message from Technological99

So I have appeared back on the server and I hope to remain for a good while, With the completion of the A3 just before the new year I feel I can start working on new projects again both in Merchant City and elsewhere.


If you are looking for bacon:

Hi, I am Technological99 and I am one of the Scottish players on the server. I remember the server way back a good few years ago when I connected on a friends account but I couldn't apply. When I saw gamma videos on Frumples YouTube channel I looked into it and discovered they were opening a new map. This is when I decided to join again (with my own account). I sent in my application a few days later but it wasn't getting looked at until gamma. Gamma opening day and my app got rejected... So I asked how strict the 24 hour wait was and was told by Frumple its best to stick to it, so I re-sent my applocation back in 5 minutes later with an improved statement and got accepted by chief :D I won season 5 of the mole!

On Server

I own Yelo, Yair, Yelo Waterbus and other small projects like TechsSnacks and Techzone Fone. I have only been playing since the very begging of gamma (When I got accepted) and I own Merchant City @ XE8. Home of the Marina Shuttle .

Techs Snacks at XW10

Off Server

Not going to say much here apart from the fact I like trains... boats... and sailing... and computers... and the colo(u)r yellow.

Other information about me

Not much