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Location United States
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date October 23
MRT Information
Current rank [Councillor+]
Notable projects Euphorial, Kangaroo Air
Joined September 17, 2017
Accepted September 30, 2018 (Frumple)
Citizen November 17, 2018 (Tom_Pairs & _Kastle)
Trustee December 28, 2018 (hvt2011, sorry sesese)
Councillor March 9, 2019 (_HeavenAngel_ & jphgolf4321)
Supporter April 20, 2019
Social networks
Discord @Kangaroo#2292
Nickname(s) Kang, Kangaroo
Previous Name(s) TheGreenKangaroo
Kangaroo567's Current Time
8:59 am, March 29, 2020 EDT

Status Explanation

    : Available to join at any time. Very active on Discord. If you need me, feel free to DM me and I will respond to you within a few minutes.

    : Only available if needed. I will only check Discord hourly and if I do go online, I won't be online for long.

    : Active on Discord only. Unable to come in game.

    : Inactive on both the server and Discord. Usually this means I'm on vacation.

Current Status Schedule