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Venceslo, BearLodge, being somewhat annoying.
Location SAN
Time zone UTC -7 (Pacific)
Language(s) English
Gender does it matter?
Birth date no, it does not
MRT Information
Current rank [Governor]
Joined May 22, 2017
Accepted May 26, 2017
Citizen June
Trustee June
Councillor July 3, 2017
Mayor August 1, 2017
Senator October 31, 2017
Governor January 31, 2018
Premier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Social networks
YouTube If you find my YouTube channel, you are wayyyy too dedicated, and you genuinely scare me.
Nickname(s) time (usual), time2 (if you're feeling special), time2makemymove (if you're mad at me), move (no one calls me that lol shut up)

Hello there. This is the page where I keep all of my most secret facts and most spicy gossip. If you are here, you are most likely a stalker. I don't really care, so I might as well give you the good stuff.

My favorite food is pizza.

Also, I have an obsession with airports, highways, and mass transit, and I also animate for fun when I am bored.

Server Stuff

Founder of Venceslo (pretty much all my stuff)

Founder of time2 Venceslo Properties ZS20 (REDpharmacy, BearLodge, Whitfield's, Cobblestone Coffee Company, Infinity Pizzeria)

Founder and competition director of Segav Sal

Founder and owner of FliHigh, co-founder and board member of SkyNation Alliance

Deputy Mayor of Danielston

Owner of Seaview, SNAP TRANSIT

Member of STC

Builder of A511 (I should probably get back to work on that...)

How I found the server

Short version: Google Images and the wiki.

Long Version: I started minecraft two years ago on Minecraft PE. On there, I created four cities on one world, all interconnected through a series of interstate highways and roads, all meticulously handcrafted by myself (since there was no multiplayer or commands on PE at the time). A while later, I realized that the novelty was running thin - I was building all of these "amazing" structures, but had nobody to share it with. So I went looking through google images for other minecraft builds that could inspire me. Oddly enough, it was an image search of "Minecraft Convention Center," of all things, that led me to this wiki. And I was hooked. So I bought Minecraft for the computer for the sole reason of being able to see this server.

It was neat.

So I joined. The end.


A MCPE-generated map of my first city, Santa Corona. Downtown is on the bottom right, Stillwater (a suburb) is in the top right, Highway [23] is a thoroughfare that runs through the middle, and the road that runs in a semicircle is the Highway [623]. All roads were built with Grass Path (hence why they are all dirt colored).
The first tall skyscraper I ever built in Minecraft. Called the Luminos Tower, it was built to the (at the time) height limit of 128 blocks. It was a joint Hotel/Office building, beginning my love for mixed use developments. Notice how there is nothing around it in terms of buildings.
Santa Corona four months later. Luminos tower is in the foreground. Now the whole area has been developed and changed to meet the needs of my vision. (I had to destroy an entire Stadium I had built by hand, and cover an entire river with grass blocks, among other things).
My fourth town, named Desert City. In the foreground is the Nexus Center (a large mall made of sandstone) and the O'Bryant Hotel Desert City, the large acacia building.
Another view of Desert City on my MCPE world. In the foreground is the Desert Candle, another mixed-use development (hotel, offices, casino, restaurant). The tall building in the back right is the Desert Spire, a large obelisk (like the Seattle Space Needle) reaching up over 150 blocks, and built entirely by hand. The building made of End Stone behind the Spire is the six-hall gargantuan Desert Convention Center, also built entirely by hand. I had a lot of free time.
My first completed building on the MRT server - the REDpharmacy location in Silent Plains.
My proudest achievement across all the Minecraft mediums. Venceslo Village, the culmination of everything I have done to date. A multi-use entertainment complex, using what I have learned both from the server and from my freelancing on my iPad. I hope you have enjoyed looking at these photos and experiencing them as much as I had building them. Thanks for reading, and I look forward for even more fun on the server!