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time2 find the red plane
Time zone UTC -7 (Pacific)
Language(s) English
MRT Information
Current rank [Premier]
Social networks
Nickname(s) time, time2

Sup fellas. Time2 here.

Rank Timeline

Rank Date
Guest May 22, 2017
Member May 26, 2017
Citizen June 2, 2017
Trustee June 18, 2017
Councillor July 3, 2017
Mayor August 1, 2017
Senator October 31, 2017
Governor January 31, 2018
Premier April 14, 2019

Server Stuff

Founder and Mayor of Venceslo (Premier), San Dzobiak (Councillor)

Founder and CEO of BearLodge and time2 Venceslo Properties ZS20

Founder and CEO of FliHigh Airlines, co-founder and board member of SkyNation Alliance

Deputy Mayor of Danielston and Pearl Coast

Mayor of Seaview & Aguaspueblos, Segav Sal, Bunny Mountain (All Unranked Side Projects)

Caretaker of Phoenix Valley, Downsview

Builder of Venceslo-Fifth Ward International Airport, Mojangsburg-Pretoria Capital Airport, Carnoustie International Airport (Version 1), Itomori Municipal Airfield (Version 1), part of Creeperville International Airport, the east half of B54Shield.png, all of B59Shield.png, Venceslo Village, MRT Fashion Square


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Achievements are dumb
They really are. Why does everyone insist on polluting their user pages with them? Yikes.