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Location Near Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Time zone GMT+1 (normal)
Language(s) Dutch, English, some German
Birth date 12 June
MRT Information
Current rank [Trustee+]
Notable projects Hensall
Joined 11 February 2019
Accepted 14 February 2019
Citizen 14 March 2019
Endorsed by sesese9 and hvt2011.
Trustee 22 March 2019
Endorsed by Red_Ray, autobus22 and DevyySky.
Supporter 17 March 2019
Social networks
Discord Björn#5855
Nickname(s) Björn (my real name)
Bjorn (an easier version of my real name)

Hi! I am a relatively new member here. Currently, I'm working on my town Hensall. If you ever need my help with something, feel free to ask me in-game or in Discord.


My status is mostly green, unless noted otherwise below.

27 May - 20 July: Yellow

My exams will have finished at this point, meaning my holiday will have started. During this holiday, I will be working full-time. This will eat up significantly more of my time than school would, so I will be less active during this period. I will probably be more active during the weekends (no homework to do, of course, haha).

21 July - 4 August: Red

I'm spending two weeks in Norway. I will only be on Discord occasionally during this time, and will not be online on the server at all.

4 August - 18 August: Yellow

I'm back from Norway, and will be back to working full time again. Expect me to mostly be online during the weekends (and some evenings).

19 August - 30 August: Orange

Due to an event I'm coordinating taking place during the weekend in this period, while also still working full time, I will basically be working for 12 days in a row here. On top of my full time job, I will have to work approximately 24 hours in total over the weekend, as well as other preparation tasks before it. I will only have time to be online during the evenings, but I might be too tired to do so.


What is your age?
I'm 17 years old at the moment.

Are you still in school?
Yes, I'm currently in my final year of high school, and will be attending a university in Amsterdam next year to study Information Science.

What is Information Science?
Basically, it combines Business Studies and Computer Science. It teaches you to be the 'bridge' between Management and IT.

Do you know Red_Ray in real life?
Yes, we are from the same high school.

Do you play any sports?
No, you're funny.

You're Dutch, so you must like cheese, right?
No, cheese is gross. Who even came up with the idea of that... I do like stroopwafels though.

No, I hate Mumble. It's ancient. Ew.

Discord voice chat?