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Director of the Director of the Directors
Vern new profile pic.png
Location Hong Kong
Time zone Current: Hong Kong Standard Time, HKT (UTC+8, No DST All Year)
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date May 9th (Same with Ezzocraft!! MY MAN!)
MRT Information
Current rank Mayor
Joined May 2015
Accepted May 2015
Citizen 22-2-16 ( MinecraftYoshi26 and Cortesi)
Trustee 11-6-16 (7-8 endorsements...)
Councillor 28-6-16 (cal76 and lalaboy
Mayor 12-12-16 (Cal76 and AP_Red)
Social networks


Read if you care, if not then leave this page please

Alright. I think it's time to explain my inactiveness to everyone, and why I have not been online for like quite a while. Basically it's because I recently lost interest in MRt, or creative building as a whole, therefore I lost my motivation and will to join and build, therefore you can consider me as leaving the server technically. As for what will happen to my towns and my property, I'm gonna try to hold on to both Izumo and Hathnes by joining the server once every 2 months and 30 days (because I really don't approve or like the inactive 3 months then your town's ownership will be gone rule). During this time, please do not build in both my towns Izumo and Hathnes, and there will be no exceptions given. If and when there are urgent matters that you have to contact me and it involves the difference between life and death then contact me by discord please, tag is below.

Thank you for reading this, and MRT has been such a bumpy journey for me, but thanks to those who have supported and helped me along this road.



If I decide to leave the MRT, or even getting banned from the MRT..

The City-State of Hathnes, will go to MC_Dunc. If and when he rejects, all rights of the town will go to :

I would like my cash to remain mine just in-case I do change my mind and return.

If and when you want to contact me, the best way is through my Discord. Tag: VernCow#9467



Bandicam 2016-07-27 18-13-58-949.jpg 2016-11-29 13.04.24.png