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Alert.png This page is a work in progress, more to be added soon.

Honkese is a strange language created by Vulpicula, it is known for its extremely strange words and often incomprehensible meanings. Let this page be a guide to help those having trouble getting a grip on Honkese learn as quick as a fox, pun intended.

Color Meaning
    A word that is also a valid word in English
    A word that is Honkese but is easily translatable to English
    A pure Honkese word, most of the time appears to be strange gibberish, but may sometimes have a translatable meaning.

Honkese Word English Equivalent Meaning
HONK Honk Honk
Borked Broken No longer in its original condition and working order, often no longer one piece.
Yer Your Refers to oneself, usually an alternate, country-like spelling of your.