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MRTWarning (Kaizo) and MRT~Chan
MRTWarning and MRT~Chan.png
Location Hyde Park, Massachusetts
Time zone Eastern, Atlantic
Language(s) English
Gender Male
Birth date May 14,1996
MRT Information
Current rank <MRT_KaizoKeiho>
Notable projects Amestris City, A50, A93 and A930
Joined July, 2015
Accepted August, 2015 to February 2016
Supporter Yes
Social networks
YouTube YouTube channel [1]
Twitter Twitter handle [2]
Twitch Twitch streaming page [3]
Facebook Facebook identity [4]
Skype Kaizo Beasley
Steam Steam profile ( or current name)
Personal website [5]
Nickname(s) MRT~Chan, Technical, Warning, MRT
Previous Name(s) KaizoWarning


Welcome to my wiki page. I am the self proclaimed mayor of Amestris City on the MRT Gamma server. I am a very productive and intuitive guy. Who is ready to conquer anything you throw my way on the server. But I'm not alone. I also have a few friends. Whom also like to spend time on the server. One of them is also very special to me. As you may have noticed in my cities hall.