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willowars / MatauPlays

Willowars's Current Time
4:23 am, May 25, 2020 EDT

I joined MRT in 2018 November. I came along with Weier, who passed the application 1 week before I did though. I am building a town named Willow, located at T48. I have 2 franchises, Willow Transport Solutions and Jupiter Motors. I have also received Charlemagne located at T47 from AyyLion and I really thank him. Weier is not the only friend I brought to MRT. My friend YellowFellow2424 bought Minecraft mostly for MRT. I also invited my fellow roblox developer rocko6alex to the MRT and he founded Woburn.

About me

I am a person that loves highways. I am also that person that knows what to do, but cannot do it. I am also a Jack of All Trades, Master of None, because there's a lot of things I know about but cannot master, such as building, redstone, and remembering most acronyms. I am a humorous person and I like to make people laugh. I am also quite clumsy, so please mind it when I make dumb mistakes.


The way I type messages falls into several categories. If I obviously misspell a sentence, say "lol" or "jk" after a statement, it means I am joking. When I randomly quote something, it's probably a reference from a youtube video I've seen. I usually like to play along with others when they make sarcastic jokes, but sometimes people take me seriously. (more info coming)

Changed usernames

Since January 2020, I have returned to the MRT as MatauPlays0.


Because my minecraft account has died, I had to write this will. Willow will go to CodyHM, then Weier. Jupiter Motors, my franchise, goes to Weier as he is the co-owner. Charlemagne is given to Weier as well. My tiny franchises (Stew Stop, Willow Outfitters, Pick-A-Farm if it counts and Willow Transport Solutions) will be transferred to CodyHM as well. The CTransit elevated metro will return to Halfy_Crafty and Weier as a shared asset. A condition I have is that all my assets be returned to me when I return with a new account, and I will be able to monitor each asset's status from discord or other ways.

Achievements (I had to copy the ones I should have...)

Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member .
Achievement get!
Transit Nerd
Connect to the main Minecraft server.
Achievement get!
Hub of Information
Make an account on the Wiki.
Achievement get!
My hair's on fire
Get shocked by chiefbozx.

I actually asked him what /shock was...

Achievement get!
Thou Hast Been Smitten!
Get smitten by an  Admin .
Achievement get!
Receive the rank of  Member .
Achievement get!
Home Sweet Home
Receive the rank of Citizen.
Achievement get!
Trustee of the Server
Receive the rank of Trustee.
Achievement get!
Court is in Session
Receive the rank of Councillor.
Achievement get!
Phone Call Waiting
Receive the rank of Mayor.

Random Pictures

ModernArt AFK at Charlemagne Central