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Alert.png As of October 21, 2020, Worrski has been banned. This page will be kept as an archive.
Location Los Angeles, CA, US
Time zone PT (GMT -07:00-08:00)
Language(s) English
Gender male
Birth date August 1
MRT Information
Current rank Member
Notable projects Keriyowna, Haversham, A63, Akiko Bay
Joined April 19 2020
Accepted July 16 2020 (promoted by AP_Red)
Citizen August 1 2020 (promoted by Cynra)
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Supporter July 29 2020
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Instagram @21stcenturyschizoidben
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Discord @Worrski
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Worrski's Current Time
2:56 pm, October 30, 2020 PDT

ello this is Worrski and this is my wiki page!

location: los angeles ca (GMT -07:00, PDT, GMT -08:00, PST)

joined: april 19 2020 promoted to member: july 16 2020

towns! I am the mayor/founder of both of these towns;

  • keriyowna (established july 16 2020)
  • haversham (established july 17 2020)
  • akiko bay (established august 25 2020)
  • luna hermosa (established august 25 2020)

I am mayor but not founder of these towns

  • Hempdon City (established april 20 2020, transferred july 29 2020) (formerly known as San Ramon)

I am the caretaker of this town

  • Renfrew (established july 2020, assumed ownership august 24 2020)

Visit BenCo for information on all of my franchises!

paddy's pub (2 open locations) inspired by the hit show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia comes Paddy's Pub in Minecraft. Visit Paddy's Pub in Keriyowna, meet the gang and order a drink or classic foods from the hit show. This franchise is completely unofficial and is not owned by FX.

  • paddy's pub keriyowna (opened july 16 2020)
  • paddy's pub sunflower fields (opened september 24 2020)

ramen empire (1 location open, 1 location under construction) streetwear apparel

  • ramen empire seoland (under construction)
  • ramen empire san dzobiak (opened july 23 2020)


In the inevitable fate that I leave temporarily or permanently, here's what will happen.


Q&A time! Edit a question below and I'll answer it!

1: what's the meaning behind your username? -worrski

I commonly say "worr" on the server, normally when I log on. The word "worr" isn't used often, in fact when searching it up you don't get much. But according to a webcomic that I've loved since a kid [1], worr is an exclamation for something shocking or exciting. since grade school I have ironically thrown around "hella rad" and "broski" with my bffs, which is where the -ski ending comes in. -worrski

2: what do you like? -worrski

other than minecraft I tend to play animal crossing, watch tv (favourites at the moment being it's always sunny in philadelphia and brooklyn nine-nine), and listen to music. my rateyourmusic page is here -worrski

3: pronouns?

he/him or they/them. i've definitely questioned gender but those two pronouns are normally what I go with. -worrski

4: this is a placeholder question for people to fill in

then gr8! if you're reading this go ahead and delete this and edit in a question and I will get back to you on time! make sure to sign your name, of course. despite the fact that I can see who edits so and so. -worrski


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This achievement is for you, who somehow cared enough about my achievements to go all the way down the page! Thanks!