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Alert.png I was dead from 2015 until Jan 2018... kinda back, though not sure for now. Uni is busy as hell.

Inactive for entire of July, Beginning of August

Mayor of Hiranomachi, CEO of FamilyMart
Location Netherlands/United Kingdom (I'm from the UK)
Time zone CET when in NL; GMT when in UK
Language(s) English, some Japanese
Gender Male
MRT Information
Current rank [Councillor]
Councillor 25/12/2014
Supporter 27/01/2017
Social networks
Twitter ZambiblasianOgre (@ZambiblasianOgr)

Hello there! I'm a player on the MRT, and I joined sometime in the first half of 2014. I found out about this server by Googling: "Minecraft train server".

I am the Mayor of Hiranomachi, and I own several chains: FamilyMart, Vie de France and Sukiya.


- I hate cold/windy/over-the-top rainy/dull weather(Basically I hate winter); I love summery weather! (Anything under 10 degrees C is freezing to me - not good when I'm living in the UK! 2018 edit : now Netherlands too. WOW this country has unbelievable wind.

- Music genres I like: Enka/Kayōkyoku (演歌・歌謡曲), Trot(트로트), Classical(All eras. I.e. Baroque all the way through to Romantic and beyond), Film music scores, Reggae, Rock, Jazz, etc.

- I like trains!

- Aviation enthusiast

- You may notice that my in-game username and wiki page name have different spellings (~aisan~ vs ~asian~). Long story short: I was being an idiot when excitedly typing my username into way, way back in 2011; as a result I was stuck with a typo in my username until Mojang graciously offered the option to adjust our usernames sometime recently...

Note: If I ever talk too much, please tell me. I can rant on a bit sometimes...