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If you want to discuss things with me, this is the place to do it.

(Note: I may or may not check this periodically. If I forget, remind me to check it on either Discord or in-game.)

Yeah sure, I am more than willing to sell off the franchise. Thanks for the offer! -sheimoria, also known as moria

How much do you want for it? -CyAmethyst

I do not mind the price, up to you! I have 4 outlets (Dulwich, Waverly, Savacaci, Quiris) and 1 under construction in Bakersville -sheimoria

I'll send a quote via in-game /mail, then. Thank you for talking it out with me. -CyAmethyst

Thanks for your acquisition, hope you continue the passion of RedEat! -sheimoria

By the way, check out the RedEat wiki! You can base off your rebranding of the franchise from there! You can leave it for historical purposes and make a new page or continue to use it. -sheimoria