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If there's any problems or requests, they can be posted here, as long as wiki rules are being held...

Pages I made:

Needn NL Winterside

Info, not yet ready for posting

(NAMING RIGHTS BUYING, North Coast, etc) MPO's: Kalòrêd Uni/Kalorese Union/Kalorese Unie towns: Winterside, Kaloro City councillor (winterside): September 30 2017 councillor (kaloro city): October 3 2017 and franchises Needn NL (talk) 20:44, 6 October 2017 (UTC)


HEadS COMPANY with Gabe?

B12 Inverse Routing

Intersection|Ravenna East|0.0|A270(R) 8300 Start of|Ravenna Outskirts Village|0.1 End of|Ravenna Outskirts Village|0.2 Start of|Ravenna Outskirts Tunnel|0.2 End of|Ravenna Outskirts Tunnel|0.6 Start of|Lavender Town|0.6

I give UPPP


2 airports operated:

  • IATA: none
  • ICAO: none