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thats a lot of edits :o

powerminer01: Wat?
Powerminer, just as a note on the MRT Wiki, the record of each editing are public. As a result, multiple but minor edits tends to be considered as spammy, and so it is an unspoken etiquette to use the 'Show Preview' button and editing big few times rather than continously saving the pages and disturbing the record sections.
HanSangYoon 13:52, 30 July 2015 (EDT)
Ok, understood. I will keep that in mind.

Tunnel Construction

Hi powerminer01,

im building a rail line between Xilia (Yellowitcher's city) and Xilia Seaport. I have to go near your city underground (less than 300 blocks away), I hope it's okay for you. Yellowitcher told me that you gave him the permission to construct the seaport because you will not build in that area. If the construction is okay for you, please write a mail ingame or leave a message on my talk page please. If it's NOT ok for you, I will immediately stop the construction. (Don't worry, I stopped the construction before I was too near at your city (300 blocks))

Thanks KuchenKenta