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Town Officials
Mayor Baseball02
Deputy Mayor ???
Founder Baseball02
MRT  F38  Foobar
Facts and Figures
Population 0
Town Hall Coordinates 15056, 86, 4910
Founded December 24, 2017
Recognized as town ???
Town Rank Unranked
Official Language(s) English
World New
Political Party Independent
City Phone Code ???

Valhalla is a new city owned by Baseball02, which is at  F38  Foobar station on the MRT. It is named after the great hall in Norse mythology, where warriors who died in combat go. The city hall is located on Government Hill, a hill just west of the MRT station.



Coming soon...


Valhalla Metro

Odin Line

Under Construction, expected to run generally east-west.

Thor Line

Under Construction, expected to run generally north-south.



Coming soon...


Stadiums will be built when the city grows. But, the sports teams will be named the Valhalla Vikings (Men's teams), and the Valhalla Valkyries (Women's teams)