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2016-11-27 12.47.55.png
Deputy MayorMojangChan
CouncillorsKittyCat11231 and Camelfantasy
MRTThere are currently no MRT lines to Valletta
BusSee Valletta intercity busses
RoadwaysWithin town: A numbered roads 1-99 and intercity roads: To be confirmed
Other transitSee Valletta Métro, Valletta local busses, FlashRail
Facts and figures
PopulationCan't count sorry
Foundeda few days ago probably 23/04
Official language(s)Maltese English
Post codes VA6 

Valletta was a Maltese inspired former town in the south west of the new world in the desert biome. It is now a part of Deadbush. Houses and buildings are not sized due to the nature of the style however each building has it's own identity. Valletta is designed to be filled with detail with hundreds of businesses and homes in order to show the "economy" of the city. You can find anything in this small town ranging from Solicitors to Bakers.


Most businesses within Valletta are privately owned, although there are state owned companies such as the Valletta Construction Committee (VCC). There is also a planned agricultural economy for Valletta. Growing mainly wheat.


All public transport in Valletta is regulated and designed by Transport For Valletta (TFV). Currently, there is one metro station in Valletta which is open but is still not in use. TFV also runs boat services within Valletta, currently with 3 boat stations. A bus network is also planned.

Valletta Deputy Mayor elections

Candidates: Camelfantasy Kitty Mine man Derpy melon

The DM was selected through a public vote on straw poll. After 20 votes, the 2 candidates with the most votes where sent to the next round where AEhub decided between the two. Mine man had the most votes at 20 votes and was automatically sent to the next round. Camel fantasy had the second highest number of votes but the number of votes for kitty which was 0 when camel was at 7, sky rocketed and went past both camel and mine man. This is thought to be some sort of sneaky behaviour possibly by kitty. To solve this problem, AEhub decided to offer mine man DM for Valletta while giving camel and kitty the chance to be "councillors" and look around Valletta every now on then mainly to check for any damage so it could be reported to staff.