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Vekta logo 2.jpg
Town officials
Mayor Aliksong
Deputy Mayor MishkaMan
Sheriff N/A
Treasurer N/A
Town Councillors Ryumitch (honourary) & ThaneFein (honourary)
MRT East Of  C85  Xandar
Facts and figures
Population 5+
Town hall coordinates 5900, 65, 0
Founded October 4th, 2014
Town rank Senator
World Gamma

Vekta is a town on the Gamma server founded by Ryumitch. Its current mayor is Aliksong. Lying on the western strip of the equator, the town follows the West Lake coast to the east of Xandar. At its current phase, the city does not currently have rail access of its own, however there are multiple road connections with Xandar, and connection with the NWAG will allow for nearby CitiRail access.

A quiet coastal town, Vekta promotes clean and healthy living, in which everyone is as good as each other*. With clean easy to build Doykea houses, as well as a distinct shopping centre and city square, the town is perfect for people out of touch with reality. Probably the most notable feature of the town is the Doykea HQ Tower, which lies to the South-East of the town. Due to the connections between MLC, Doykea, and the Mayor of the town, it is not clear exactly what the goal of the town is.

During Early February 2015, a strange tectonic plate movement took place, causing much destruction throughout Vekta. Most prominently the MLC Factory of Northern Vekta was affected badly. The investigation is ongoing, but early signs lead to the possibility of advanced technology being used as an attack, specifically on MLC.

As of 13th February 2015, after the disasters fix up, Vekta gained a roadlink to the city directly North, Ilirea.

With some weeks passing from the incident, the community have become intrigued as to why the MLC factory is still not in operation. The first statement from the company is as follows:

"Our current development cannot be revealed at this time, but we have high suspitions on the nature of the disaster, and we no longer feel safe staying on the grounds of Northern Vekta. Updates will be made when we can make them."

Notable Buildings

Vekta City Hall

Vekta City Hall Taken from the city square

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Doykea HQ

Doykea HQ from the main strip

DOYKEA are a Swedish multi purpose organisation, best known for their cheap furniture, easy to construct buildings, and arsenal equipment. The oldest building in Vekta, it stands taller than any other building to come after it, towering over the city ever since it's creation. The car park is strictly for DOYKEA employees only, and tunnels directly into the tower, as well as having access to the main road via walkway.

The Hive

The Hive as it stands in Southern Vekta

The Hive is the primary building for Vekta's security system, The VSA. The organisation will be recruiting in the near future in the forms of various jobs. This system will be revealed once the building is fully functional for the VSA to work in.

The Hub

The Transport Hub Of Vekta

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Globoshop as it stands in Globo-Square

The Globo-Shop shopping centre is the home to many franchises. The building host's small but friendly shops, and is the perfect place to find a variety of interesting needs. As it stands, the current franchises within the Globo-Shop is as follows:

Shop Owner Floor
Chocoluv Jamess2912 0
G-Tech ThaneFein 0
AlikLolly Aliksong 0
Redstone Shop Smoketrain 1
Major League Coal Ryumitch 1
CGMAXX cgc747 1
DOYKEA Ryumitch 2
ShopFish aidfish 2


Globo-Square is the main shopping district of the city, giving opportunity to franchises to build on plots of land sponsored by DOYKEA. Plot's are currently vacant and free for building on with permission from the Mayor. Globo-Square as it currently stands:

Shop Owner
Autobus22's Greek Pizza Autobus22
Round Records Oj738heu
Angry Bee Fuel ThaneFein
RapidCoffee _MajorMagpie_
Sublime Burger _LDShadowLord_
ShoPink cgc747
Amethyst Garden Resort Ryumitch
The Ocean Bar & Grill hntredtie

Amethyst Garden Resort

The building as it stands from Angry Bee Fuel

Amethyst Garden Resort is the first hotel of Vekta, located in the heart of the shopping district. A Luxury yet inexpensive experience, the AG Resort currently has rooms available for short stays.

Major League Coal

For Major League People

Major League Coal are one of the primary constructors and operators of the finest Coal Power Plants. Their Head Quarters are located at Number 3 Corporation Way and not far from the Xandar National Park which they helped Sponsor. They have come under fire recently due to contamination of land surrounding one of Xandar Coal Power Stations.

The factory in Vekta is one of the "Creation and Distrubution" establishments, turning coal into it's purest form and sending it around the world. This particular factory has been another point of controversy, with harsh working hours and contamination of the water supply in the near area. Margaret Scratcher, head of the Nuclear fuel division, is constantly rivalling against the company.

Doykea Ave

Various Doykea Brand Generisk Logi

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Devil Nights

Devil Nights from Doykea Ave

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City Square Office

The current office space in Vekta

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The library from the city square

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